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Orangevale Girl Home Safe After Sierra Rescue

I’m Ed Smith, an Orangevale Personal Injury Lawyer. Thankfully, a 10-year-old girl from Orangevale is home safely after quite a scare while snowshoeing.

West Sacramento Girl Wakes From Coma

West Sacramento Girl Wakes From Coma
I’m Ed Smith, a West Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer. I was very pleased to hear that after being seriously wounded in a drive by shooting a West Sacramento girl wakes from coma. Additionally, she was finally able to return home after a three month hospital stay.

File:US Navy 040203-N-4182M-001 National Naval Medical Center physician, Capt. David Thompson performs an ear tube surgery on a young hospital patient.jpg

Pediatric Trauma

Ed Smith is one of the top rated personal injury lawyers in Sacramento. Pediatric trauma is the leading cause of death among children and the leading cause of disability.  The principles of trauma care are the same in children as with adults but there are very big differences in the physiology of children that mean they are treated somewhat differently than adults.  Children have different patterns and causes of injury depending on age.  For this reason, there is a need for pediatric trauma centers apart from trauma centers dealing with adults.

Children’s injuries usually come from rapid acceleration and deceleration injuries, such as is seen in motor vehicle accidents.  Accidents around the home, falls, and bicycle injuries are also major causes of pediatric trauma.

Initial Assessment and Resuscitation of the Injured Child

Simultaneous assessment and resuscitation happen in children who are injured in the same way as it is done in adults.  Multiple organ injuries are more common in kids so it is better to assume that every organ is injured until proven otherwise. Continue reading ›

School Bus Driver Under Influence
Drunk School Bus Driver

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Bus Accident Attorney. Last week in Napa County, a 24-year old bus driver was arrested on child endangerment charges and suspicion of driving under the influence. The woman has been employed by Napa Valley Unified School District since the beginning of 2015. She was carrying 28 students on board the 2013 Thomas school bus. This incident occurred shortly after 3pm on the afternoon of December 11, 2015.

Student Safety
Student Safety

When we send our children off to school we think they are going to be protected by those in authority over them. Keeping our children safe while they attend school is at the forefront of most parents’ minds these days. We see how Los Angeles County responded to credible threats of terrorism today. They closed down approximately 1000 schools. Approximately 640,000 Los Angeles County students were told to stay home. This after receiving credible threats of harm at LA-area schools.

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