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Pedestrian at 12th Street Crossing Injured in Train Accident

A train accident involving a pedestrian occurred in Sacramento on June 19 in the community of Alkali Flats. Officers with the Sacramento Police Department and Sac Fire responded to the accident, which occurred at the train crossing on 12th Street between Chinatown Alley and D Street at around 7:00 in the evening. One radio dispatch said that the injured person might have been pushed into or in front of the train. 

With an Uptick in Pedestrian Accidents, Safety Is Important

Pedestrian safety is important with the large uptick in accidents. This is especially since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that between 2008 and 2017, pedestrian accidents in California increased by 35 percent. Part of the reason is due to an increase in driving and the number of vehicles. However, the number of deaths to pedestrians in California during this time period accounted for 22.2 percent, which is a much higher rate than others sharing the roadways. Finding ways to improve pedestrian safety is important to lower the accident injury and death rate for walkers.

Vehicle Versus Pedestrian Accident Results in Injury

A pedestrian was injured in Sacramento on June 12 at the juncture of 7th and K streets. Authorities received a report of a vehicle versus pedestrian accident at this location at 11:59 in the afternoon. Both a Sacramento Police unit and Sacramento Fire were dispatched to the site. The pedestrian was located near an alley. The individual was treated at the scene by emergency responders and was able to leave. The driver remained at the accident site and was allowed to leave after the official investigation concluded. There is no word at this time whether drugs or alcohol was involved.

Minor Injured in Crash With Recreation Vehicle

A pedestrian accident involving a minor occurred in downtown Sacramento on May 25 in a collision with a vehicle. Authorities with the Sacramento Police Department said they were called to the intersection of Richards Boulevard and Bercut Drive around 4:35 in the afternoon after receiving a report that a child had been struck by a recreational vehicle. The child in question was responsive to emergency responders and was taken to a nearby hospital under Code 3, which means the sirens and lights were in use. No information was released on the condition of the minor. The accident is being investigated by the Sacramento police to determine how the pedestrian accident occurred.

Man Severely Injured by Pizza Delivery Driver

A nighttime walk to his parent’s house resulted in several life-altering injuries for Zachary Spencer when he was struck by a pizza delivery driver. The driver, Michael Hornaday, tried to brake to avoid the collision but was not able to stop before hitting Spencer with his car, immediately causing injury.

Madison Avenue and Hillsdale Boulevard Intersection Accident

A fleeing driver struck and injured two pedestrians in North Highlands during the early hours of March 15. The California Highway Patrol (CHP), in their report, said that firefighters with Sac Metro were sent to Madison Avenue at the intersection with Hillsdale Boulevard in response to a report of a vehicle striking a pedestrian. Even though the driver that caused the accident fled the scene, other motorists stopped to help and turned their flashers on to warn others before the arrival of the CHP.

Pedestrian Thrown Onto Hood of Car in Accident

A pedestrian injury occurred in North Highlands on February 23 after a walker was struck by a vehicle on Elkhorn Boulevard. The incident was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and occurred shortly before 9:00 in the evening at Elkhorn Boulevard’s intersection with Watt Avenue. According to the police report, the pedestrian was thrown onto the hood of a Honda Accord and suffered at least a broken leg. Emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived at the scene to offer aid and assess the pedestrian’s injuries. That person was transported to a nearby hospital for further treatment and assessment. Investigators with the CHP are examining the accident to determine how it happened.

Hit and Run Accident in Roseville Injures Pedestrian

A hit and run accident in Roseville on January 31 seriously injured a pedestrian who was crossing the roadway westbound at Riverside Avenue near Cirby Way. According to the Roseville Police Department, the man was described as age 60 and suffered life-threatening injuries in the Friday night accident. He was found in the median by police officers responding to the call about an accident. The pedestrian was transported by emergency responders to Sutter Roseville Medical Center for treatment.

Pedestrian Injured in Sacramento Hit and Run

On January 12, 2020, a hit and run injury to a pedestrian occurred in Sacramento along Florin Road in a Walmart parking lot. The incident was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as happening at 11:23 in the morning between a pedestrian and an unknown driver who fled the scene. Emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived at the accident site to assess the pedestrian’s injuries. The walker was then transported to Kaiser North Medical Center for a knee injury. The CHP is investigating the accident to locate the driver who left the scene without offering aid or exchanging information. 

Fleeing Driver Injures Pedestrian in Sacramento

A pedestrian injury in a midtown Sacramento accident occurred on December 31, 2019, in the evening hours. Officers with the Sacramento Police Department and emergency responders were called to the scene at about 10:35 p.m. at 19th and Q streets. When emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived, they discovered a pedestrian lying in the road. He was conscious and spoke to police officers before being transported to a nearby hospital. The accident report said that the vehicle that struck the pedestrian pinned his leg to the pavement. The driver was told to move his vehicle to free the injured pedestrian. Then the driver fled from the accident scene. The incident is under investigation by the Sacramento Police to determine how the accident occurred. 

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