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An Accident Involving a Bus and a Kia SUV Occurs on Arden Way and Howe Avenue

A bus accident occurred on January 21 in the Arden-Arcade section of Sacramento on Arden Way and Howe Avenue. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the bus accident happened at approximately 7:00 a.m. The crash was described as a head-on collision between the bus and a motor vehicle. 

School Bus Driver Under Influence
Drunk School Bus Driver

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Bus Accident Attorney. Last week in Napa County, a 24-year old bus driver was arrested on child endangerment charges and suspicion of driving under the influence. The woman has been employed by Napa Valley Unified School District since the beginning of 2015. She was carrying 28 students on board the 2013 Thomas school bus. This incident occurred shortly after 3pm on the afternoon of December 11, 2015.

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Tour Bus Crash

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Bus Accident Attorney.  I have been helping victims of bus accidents in Sacramento and throughout Northern California for over three decades.  Accidents involving municipal and city buses are far more common than accidents involving charter or tour buses.  However, recently there have been tour bus accidents in the news.

Double-Decker Tour Bus Crash at San Francisco’s Union Square

Recently in San Francisco’s Union Square, a sightseeing tour bus crashed.  It left more than twenty people injured, some critically.

Witnesses describing the horrifying bus crash said that the tour bus came barreling over two city blocks.  The bus ran into and caused injuries to a bicyclist and to two pedestrians. It went on to hit several cars before coming to a rest up against some scaffolding adjacent to a construction site.

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It is often said that riding a bus is one of the safest modes of transportation.  However, obviously no road travel is without any risk, and accidents do happen.  When a bus does crash, it will likely make the evening news due to the number of injuries that could be involved.  Not only does the bus have the capacity to carry a large number of people, but most of the time there are no seat belts.  In recent years, this combination has resulted in a few catastrophic scenes.

Another factor that comes into play when considering the risks of bus travel is that buses are used for long-distance travel – think vacation tours or musicians on the road.  This can often lead to driver fatigue, a frequent cause of bus accidents.

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