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I Feel Okay – Should I See a Doctor?

If you have ever been involved in a car crash where you felt reasonably fine at the scene, you may have wondered if it was still important to be examined by a doctor.  If it was a significant impact, and even a possibility that you were hurt, the answer is yes.  Following are some of the reasons why:

A People Divided

Very soon, a monumental, extremely divisive event will be happening.  Some folks will be extremely happy after the event, and others will be very sad.  The love-it-or-hate-it occasion of which we speak is the bi-annual changing of the clocks.  On November 1, 2020, Daylight Saving Time (DST) ends and Californians will gain an hour of sleep in the morning at the expense of losing an hour of daylight in the afternoon.  In anticipation of the return to Standard Time, we have gathered some clock-moving facts to share.

Accident near La Lima Way Results in Major Injuries

On October 26, a section of Garden Highway off La Lima Way was shut down due to a major injury accident. According to officials with the Sacramento Police Department, the incident occurred around 12:31 in the afternoon and was a single-vehicle collision in an area between Orchard Lane and Gateway Oaks Drive. The driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle and exited the road for unknown reasons and crashed into several trees. 

Transportation Projects to Begin Throughout the State

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) issued a press release last month announcing the allocation of upwards of $1.6 billion for transportation projects throughout California.  The monies were allocated by the California Transportation Commission (CTC).  A large percentage of the budget will apply to projects under the State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) and the Fix it First program run by Caltrans.  Fix it First is designed to preserve the conditions of the state’s highway system – allowing for critical upgrades and repairs to existing highways and roads.  The transportation projects will support thousands of jobs which are essential to California’s economy.

Car Accidents Can Happen Even During the Happiest Times

Pregnancy can be a very special time in a mother’s life.  Some women describe their pregnancies as some of the happiest months of their lives.  Though it is unpleasant to think about, being involved in an automobile accident while pregnant can happen in the blink of an eye – negligent drivers do not discriminate.  Pregnant women face greater risks of injury when involved in a car accident – to both themselves and to their unborn child.  

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