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Neighbors Continue Grassroots Campaign to Improve Traffic 

Pershing Avenue in Midtown Stockton was once a quiet street with trees along both sides of the road. The beautiful Victory Park, an area well-loved by residents, sits next to the boulevard. It was a peaceful time as families with young children enjoyed a day at the park.

The Good and Bad of Autonomous Vehicles

In 2018, there were numerous breakthroughs and downfalls for self-driving cars. It is without a doubt self-driving cars hold the potential to reduce car accidents and save tons of lives, but only if they are programmed to be in sync with all other vehicles on the road. As driverless cars went from a startup prototype to reality, the rest of the world is now wondering where this technology will be heading. Many questions concerning autonomous vehicles remain unanswered as we wait to see further technological development. Below is a recap of the big moments for driverless vehicles in 2018.

Waymo Van Involved in Accident in Chandler, Arizona

Waymo Van Involved in Accident in Chandler Arizona

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento self-driving car accident lawyer. A recent accident in Chandler, Arizona, between a Waymo autonomous vehicle and a Honda sedan resulted in injury to the human operator of the self-driving car. Details about the accident were sketchy at first, but later, police confirmed that the car was in manual mode when the collision occurred. Reportedly, the Honda tried to avoid a collision with another vehicle and ended up striking the driverless car.

New Project to Improve Hwy 50 

Commuters fighting the traffic getting to the downtown area will be in for a sweeter commute in the future thanks to officials from the state highway and light rail as well as local environmentalists. A plan has been agreed upon to allocate $452 million toward making changes to Highway 50 by adding 50 new HOV lanes and adding light rail service during peak commuter hours. At the current time, carpool lanes start in the hilly area at El Dorado County and stop at Watt Avenue. According to Caltrans, those lanes will be extended into West Sacramento to Pioneer Bridge. The local director said the project will also include adding sound walls along the areas around 65th Street and Stockton Boulevard.

Company Denies Defective RV Tire Claims

Company Denies Defective RV Tires Claims

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Defective Tire Accident Lawyer. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. is denying claims about a defect in their tires. Recently, the tire company denied allegations that defective RV tires are linked to 95 cases involving deaths and serious injuries. The claims are being investigated by federal regulators. In December 2017, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) opened an investigation into allegations that Goodyear G159 tires were not intended for prolonged use at high speeds on RVs. When the tires are put on motorhomes traveling at above 65 miles per hour, they were likely to fail and result in the loss of vehicle control.

Helicopter Crash in Manhattan Kills 5

Helicopter Crash In Manhattan Kills 5

I’m Ed Smith, a Helicopter Accident Attorney in Sacramento. Five individuals lost their lives after being involved in a helicopter accident in New York State during the night of Sunday, March 11, 2018. Authorities have reported that all occupants of the helicopter were killed except for the pilot.

Vallejo Authorities Launch Pedestrian Safety Effort

Vallejo Authorities Launch Pedestrian Safety Effort

I’m Ed Smith, a Vallejo auto accident lawyer. Due to a recent streak of pedestrian vs. vehicle collisions that began in the beginning of 2018, the Vallejo Police Department (VPD) is introducing an enhanced pedestrian safety enforcement operation. The announcement was made by VPD officer Lt. Michael Nichelini in a recent news release.

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