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halo sign basilar skull fracture
Some patients are relatively lucky, getting only a basilar skull fracture or a maxillofacial fracture. While these are complex and difficult to treat, they are not as bad as having a combined maxillofacial fracture and basilar skull (skull base) fracture. Having this type of combined fracture requires a team approach of surgeons that can manage cranial injuries, orbital injuries, ENT injuries and other forms of maxillofacial injuries.

Often these types of injuries are initially overlooked because the patient has more life threatening injuries on other body areas. If these things are completely unnoticed, however, it can lead to diplopia, deafness, cerebrospinal fluid fistulae, cranial nerve injuries, meningitis or facial paralysis. It is therefore important to have early recognition and management of these injuries so that complications can be avoided. While thought of as less important fractures, there are cases of extreme morbidity and mortality associated with these injuries.