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February 23, 2016
Edward Smith

Orangevale Girl Home Safe After Sierra Rescue

I’m Ed Smith, an Orangevale Personal Injury Lawyer. Thankfully, a 10-year-old girl from Orangevale is home safely after quite a scare while snowshoeing.

What Happened?

On Sunday, February 21, 2016, Samantha White was with members of her family at Castle Peak Trailhead in Soda Springs, CA. The family was enjoying a day of snowshoeing. At some point Samantha fell into a snow-covered cavern. Samantha’s mom recorded the accident on her cell phone. Meanwhile, Samantha’s dad, a former firefighter, went to her aid. At first Samantha’s parents thought she was simply stuck in the snow. As Samantha’s dad tried to pull her out she began to sink deeper.

WATCH: Youtube Video – Orangevale girl survives 10 foot fall in Sierra, by our friends at KCRA News.

Tough Decision

Samantha’s dad had to make a difficult decision to stop pulling Samantha out. He and his wife, who by this time was also helping with the rescue effort, decided to leave her momentarily so they could summon help. Otherwise, they feared they would all fall down into the cavern and never get help. Samantha’s parents figured she was down about 10 feet into the hole. From speaking with her they knew she was in ankle deep icy cold water. Which meant they had to move quickly.

Marin County Search and Rescue

As Samantha’s dad was on the phone with rescue personnel, a group of Marin County Search and Rescue workers were passing through the exact area where Samantha was trapped. The search and rescue workers immediately asked if the family needed some assistance. Samantha’s parents were overjoyed by the miraculous appearance of rescue workers in their moment of need.

How Did They Rescue Samantha?

They used ropes and successfully rescued Samantha who was in very good condition. She was grateful to be rescued. She took pictures with the Marin County Search and Rescue Team. Amazingly, Samantha walked away from this accident unharmed.  Samantha is anxious to go snowshoeing with her family again. She loves the snow. Only this time she will stay on the beaten trail and not venture off into uncertain areas. Apparently, a snow bridge collapsed. Samantha fell down the hole created by the bridge collapse.

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Source: Orangevale Girl Home Safe After Sierra Rescue – KCRA3 News: Girl, 10, rescued after snow bridge collapses in Sierra
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