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One Injured After Car Accident Near Stockton

One person was injured after a car accident near Stockton, CA, on the night of January 12, 2020. The car wreck occurred around 7:40 p.m. in the area of Eight Mile Road and Frontage Road. A black Toyota sedan was involved in a broadside collision with a silver pickup truck near the Interstate 5 on-ramp. One person was injured and received treatment from first responders at the scene. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has not yet released a cause of the crash due to pending investigation.

Pedestrian Injured in Stockton Hit and Run Accident

A pedestrian was injured in a hit and run accident in Stockton on the afternoon of December 22, 2019. The pedestrian accident occurred around 4:40 p.m. at West Eighth Street and Lever Boulevard. According to the Stockton Police Department, two men were involved in a hit and run accident with a pedestrian, as well as an RTD bus in the area. There were no passengers on the RTD bus at the time of the crash. However, the pedestrian and the bus driver suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were transported to the hospital for treatment. The two men, identified as the driver and the passenger of the suspect vehicle, reportedly fled the scene on foot. The passenger was later located and arrested on unrelated charges. The driver was found at a local hospital where he was receiving treatment for injuries suffered in the collision. His case will be handled by the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office. It is not yet known if he has been charged in the connection with the hit and run.

New Device Prevents Knee Implant Infections

Knee implant infections are a serious complication that might occur following surgery. A team of researchers may have developed a device that can prevent them from happening. Knee injuries can be serious and, sometimes, the joint is beyond repair. In order to give someone the ability to move without pain, a knee implant might be required. This is a synthetic joint that is meant to replicate the structure and function of the native joint. Sadly, there are also times when complications might develop after the implant is put in place.

Kirigami Sensor Patch Can Help During Physical Therapy

Recently, researchers from the University of Michigan, located in Ann Arbor, announced they were developing a device called a Kirigami sensor patch. This sensor will help people who are recovering from an injury. Inspiration for this device was found following the devastating bicycle crash of a local professor. He suffered serious injuries in the collision. Physical therapy often plays a critical role in someone’s recovery following a serious accident, and this sensor should help medical professionals create an effective treatment plan.

What is Kinesiology Tape?

Kinesiology tape has become popular among competitive athletes, intramural sports, and even average individuals who are just trying to move without any pain. This tape can be effective as a way to both treat and prevent injury; however, it is also important to know what this tape is and how it works. Those who have watched competitive sports recently have likely seen this colorful tape covering people’s arms, legs, hips, and more. It might seem like people are merely trying to create patterns on their bodies using this tape. On the other hand, this simple tape is actually very effective at treating and preventing certain injuries.

Polymerized Estrogen Can Treat Spinal Cord Injuries

Recently, an article was published discussing a potential new treatment of spinal cord injuries called polymerized estrogen. This material has the potential to help countless people all over the world. Statistics that have been published show that more than 17,000 people suffer a spinal cord injury every year. If someone suffers a spinal cord injury, he or she is at risk of developing numerous complications. Unfortunately, once nerves in the spinal cord are damaged, they might not heal. This means that some of these complications are permanent.

What is the Weber Classification?

The Weber classification is a system used to categorize ankle injuries. The ankle is a delicate joint that has a lot of demands placed on it. People use their ankle to balance, extend, and roll their feet. While the ankle does provide a significant amount of flexibility, this also comes at the price of stability. Most people know what it feels like to roll an ankle. This ligament sprain alone can take a long time to heal. At the same time, it is also possible for someone to suffer a fracture in their ankle. This is the purpose of the Weber classification.

What is a Posterior Talar Process Fracture?

A posterior talar process fracture is a severe injury that involves the lower leg, ankle, and foot. The talus is one of the largest bones in the foot. It forms the lower part of the ankle joint. This bone joins together with the tibia and fibula at the top as well as the calcaneus and navicular bones at the bottom. Therefore, the talus plays an important role in stabilizing the other bones of the ankle, providing flexibility to the foot and lower leg. An injury to the talus can severely compromise someone’s ankle flexibility.

One Killed in Head-On Collision Near Stockton

One person was killed, and three others were injured in a head-on collision near Stockton on the morning of November 7, 2019. The crash occurred along Highway 12 and Interstate 5 west of Terminous, a census-designated place in San Joaquin County. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), a westbound Mercedes-Benz veered over the solid double-yellow lines into the eastbound lane. The Mercedes-Benz reportedly collided head-on with an oncoming Nissan, causing severe injuries to four parties. The four people, from both vehicles, were taken to local hospitals for treatment of injuries ranging from moderate to critical. Sadly, one of the parties in the Nissan succumbed to their injuries during hospitalization.

Stockton November 2019 Events

Holidays are just a little bit better in the city of Stockton, California. Now that the season is among us, you may be wondering what Stockton has in store for its residents and visitors. There are too many upcoming community activities to fit in this one article, but I have gathered a list of fun, diverse, and exciting events. Continue reading, and I am confident that you will find an event to attend with a family member, a significant other, or an old friend. After all, the holidays are about spending time with those who mean the most to us.