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December 21, 2015
Edward Smith

Student Safety

Student Safety

When we send our children off to school we think they are going to be protected by those in authority over them. Keeping our children safe while they attend school is at the forefront of most parents’ minds these days. We see how Los Angeles County responded to credible threats of terrorism today. They closed down approximately 1000 schools. Approximately 640,000 Los Angeles County students were told to stay home. This after receiving credible threats of harm at LA-area schools.

We applaud LA County for putting student safety first. We are sure most parents are grateful for that level of caution. But, what do we do when those in authority over our children are not interested in student safety?

Read More about School Closures: Los Angeles Times

Teacher Arrested at Fair Oaks Middle School

A 35-year-old female teacher from Fair Oaks has been arrested for her alleged inappropriate conduct with a student. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department says that the teacher allegedly performed lewd acts with a child. The victim is a 14-year-old child who was a student in the teacher’s class. Allegedly, the school teacher had a sexual relationship with the student between 2011-2012 while attending Foothill Ranch Middle School. The teacher has taught in the Twin Rivers Unified School District since 2005 according to her Facebook page.

Teacher Facing Five Felony Counts

After a warrant was issued for her arrest, we learned she turned herself in last week. According to a Sacramento Bee report she faces five felony counts against a child. How do we approach the subject of student safety after a tragic event like this?

Tips on Keeping Kids Safe In School

With the increase in school violence and mass shootings, many of us are asking ourselves what measures we might take to improve student safety.

  1. Find out if the school your children attend has a crisis plan in place. Learn more here, Crisis Plans.
  2. Dining together. Mealtime is a great time to talk to your child about what is going on at school. Take the time to eat and communicate with your kids.
  3. Notice subtle changes in your child’s behavior. Are they more secretive, less talkative, depressed, or agitated? Subtle changes speak volumes.
  4. Be sure your child memorizes important phone numbers. Consider sending them to school with a cell phone (turned off) in case they need to call you.
  5. As uncomfortable as it might be, we need to discuss inappropriate sexual behaviors. Not just stranger danger. Dangers by regular folk, too.

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