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Two Critically Injured in Alleged Napa DUI

Two people suffered severe injuries during an alleged Napa DUI accident that took place on Sunday, September 14, 2019. Officers of the Napa California Highway Patrol (CHP) said that the crash involved two separate vehicles and that one of the drivers has been arrested on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol. The injured parties were identified as a 36-year-old woman from Vallejo and a 48-year-old man from Napa. The most recent updates indicated that both individuals remained in hospital custody.

Hit and Run Accident in Modesto

A hit and run driver in Modesto seriously injured a pedestrian near a local bar on September 14. According to the Modesto Police Department, the accident injured Jonah Johnson, age 27, as he was crossing the street near the Tiki Lounge, located on McHenry Avenue. Johnson was there celebrating Pride with friends. Initially, he was listed as being in critical condition but expected to survive. Johnson was released from the intensive care unit at the hospital on Monday.

Research Compares Single vs. Repeated Traumatic Brain Injury

Recently, a team of medical researchers published a study comparing single vs. repeated traumatic brain injury. The goal of the research was to see whether or not a single blow to the head can have the same effect as repeated blows to the head. Over the past few years, this issue has received a lot of attention. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, also known as CTE, has made its way into the spotlight, particularly as it relates to the National Football League (NFL). Those who have developed CTE have developed depression, aggressive behavior, and even suicidal ideation.

Sacramento September 2019 Community Events

Sacramento is overflowing with fun, all-inclusive activities, giving everyone in the city a chance to find a fun way to spend their free time! It doesn’t matter whether you are a fitness junkie, a food fanatic, an appreciator of the fine arts, or something in between. There’s something on the monthly calendar for everyone in Sacramento. Continue reading below for a short but detailed list of a few upcoming local events taking place this September.

Hip Fracture Mobility Research

The University of Maryland School of Medicine recently published a research article regarding hip fracture mobility. According to the report, over a quarter of a million people in the United States suffered a fractured hip every year. It can be a challenge for people to regain their mobility following a broken hip. This is a debilitating injury which can lead to severe, permanent changes in someone’s ability to walk, run, or even get out of bed.

Tissue Printing has a Role in Femur Fracture Repair

For years, researchers have been exploring the potential of 3D printing in science, engineering, and healthcare. Tissue printing has been a growing field because of its potential to produce certain types of tissues and organs for which there has been a shortage in the medical field.

Rollback on Truckers Drive-Time Restrictions

Trucking industry interest groups are just on the brink of getting their way. Bill Sullivan, an American Trucking Association lobbyist, has publicly stated that this group has a robust relationship with the Trump Administration, and is hopeful that this will facilitate a more relaxed set of rules moving forward. The longstanding fight between the trucking industry and the government has consisted of constant back-and-forth banter regarding the “hours of service” restrictions, which permits a 14-hour “driving window” limit to long-haul drivers. Additionally, long-haul drivers are currently constricted to 11-hour driving limits, 60-hour per 7 days and 70-hour per 8 days duty limitations.

Vacaville September 2019 Community Events 

Vacaville is a beautiful city in northern California, and the upcoming season of fall might be the prettiest in the city. Watching the fall colors of rust orange, pale yellow, and deep red emerge through the trees, experiencing the chilled weather as the intensity of the sun begins to decline. There are many beautiful sights available 24/7 in Vacaville, but there’s something special about fall. If you are in Vacaville this month, find a unique local activity to experience with a family member, a loved one, or an old friend.

A New Study on Pediatric Femur Fracture Avascular Necrosis

Recently, a research paper was published exploring the rates of avascular necrosis in pediatric femur fractures. Avascular necrosis is one of the most serious complications that might develop following a broken leg. The bone cells in the femur, like every other cell in the body, depend on a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients to survive. When someone sustains a serious bone fracture, these nutrients become even more important as the bone tries to heal. When someone develops avascular necrosis, this blood supply is cut off and the nutrients are deprived.

Roseville September 2019 Community Event Calendar

Roseville holds endless opportunities for a chance to invent, explore, and curate your interests and passions. You can find trivia nights that are fun for the whole group, art classes to nurture your creative side, and cultural festivals with enough authenticity to make you feel like you have left Sacramento. There is not enough time to list all activities in Roseville, but I’ve created a brief list of local events for those will be in the city this month.