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Impacts of Concussion Can Still Linger for Years

A recent report showed that concussion impacts might linger for more than a year following the initial injury. This is important because, in many instances, a single concussion is seen as a minor brain injury when contrasted with a cerebral contusion, a brain bleed, or a herniation. On the other hand, this initial report paints a markedly different picture of a concussion.

Roseville November 2019 Events

Thanksgiving is approaching us quickly, and if you live in Roseville, chances are that you have many things to be thankful for. Roseville is a wonderful and growing town that prides itself on diversity, opportunity, and community. Some exciting seasonal events are going on in Roseville this November, where you will have the chance to diversify your interests, stimulate your mind, and grow as a member of the community. Continue reading below to see what awaits, as I have handcrafted a list of activities for you to be apart of.

What is a Posterior Talar Process Fracture?

A posterior talar process fracture is a severe injury that involves the lower leg, ankle, and foot. The talus is one of the largest bones in the foot. It forms the lower part of the ankle joint. This bone joins together with the tibia and fibula at the top as well as the calcaneus and navicular bones at the bottom. Therefore, the talus plays an important role in stabilizing the other bones of the ankle, providing flexibility to the foot and lower leg. An injury to the talus can severely compromise someone’s ankle flexibility.

Ultrasound May Be Used To Heal Bone Fractures

Fractures are among the most common injuries that someone might sustain, and recently, it was announced that an ultrasound bone healing system might be able to expedite the recovery process. The traditional treatment of fractures involves an immobilizing cast and a rest period while bones heal over the course of about six weeks. If someone has been diagnosed with a displaced fracture, he or she might also require surgical correction of the injury prior to this cast. This can elongate the recovery period over several months. This time spent recovering might require someone to miss time from work or school.

Driver Hospitalized After Auburn Area Crash

On Monday, November 11, 2019, an Auburn area crash left one person with serious injuries. Officers of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) indicated that this collision only involved one vehicle and took place at a rural highway location. The injured individual was hospitalized, but updates on their condition remain unavailable. Additionally, no other individuals were reported to have sustained injuries during the collision. The accident is under an active investigation being conducted by CHP.

Alleged Chico DUI Injures Pedestrian

Officials stated that a pedestrian was seriously injured during an alleged Chico DUI accident that took place on Sunday, November 10, 2019. The accident involved two vehicles in addition to the injured pedestrian and took place at a major intersection within Chico during the early evening. According to the Chico Police Department (CPD), one involved driver has been placed under arrest on charges related to driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and causing injuries. Reports from hospital staff indicated that the pedestrian is expected to survive despite suffering major trauma.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a specialized field of science and healthcare that seeks to either replace or restore cells, tissues, and organs that have been damaged. Some of the reasons why these tissues might be damaged are an injury, trauma, accidents, and even congenital diseases. The vast majority of medical fields seek to treat someone’s symptoms while the body itself heals the underlying illness or injury. Unfortunately, treating the symptoms often leaves someone with residual complications that might inhibit their quality of life down the road. Regenerative medicine seeks to avoid this problem, alleviating both the symptoms and the root cause.

Motorcyclist Suffers Broken Leg 

A motorcyclist was critically injured in the afternoon on Sunday, November 10, on a rural roadway just southwest of Brentwood in an unincorporated Contra Costa County region, according to firefighters. After losing control of his bike, it veered off the road and hit a sign. The unidentified male broke his leg in the process. East Contra Costa Fire Protection District said that the single accident was called in around 1:15 p.m. that afternoon. The accident took place near the intersections of Albers Court and Deer Valley Road, about halfway between Marsh Creek and Balfour Road. Emergency responders were dispatched to the scene and after evaluating the injured male, determined that he needed to be airlifted to a hospital for immediate attention. The motorcyclist was flown to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek. No update was immediately available.

Sacramento Scooter Accident Causes Injuries

On November 8, a scooter accident involving a motor vehicle occurred along Power Inn Road in the parking lot of Sam’s Club in Sacramento. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) report stated that the accident occurred around 2:50 p.m. The rider was injured in the crash, which broke the scooter, and emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived at the scene to assess the medical injuries. The vehicle involved in the crash fled the scene following the scooter accident. The CHP is investigating to locate the driver, who faces charges of hit and run.

What Are Microbleeds?

Recently, researchers announced that they were able to detect the existence of microbleeds using advanced imaging techniques. These microbleeds often show up following a head injury; however, they are often not detected on initial imaging modalities. When someone suffers a blow to the head, the doctor will typically order an imaging scan as rapidly as possible so they can begin the treatment process and improve the patient’s prognosis. While speed is essential, the first imaging scan ordered by doctors is the CT scan.