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Swimming Pool Light Causes Death of Citrus Heights Child

A young girl died in Citrus Heights on July 14 when she was reportedly electrocuted by a malfunctioning light in a swimming pool. The Citrus Heights Police Department reported that the accident happened in a residential neighborhood close to Interstate 80 and Antelope Road. The child, age 9, was pronounced dead at a hospital after attempts to save her using CPR by rescue personnel with the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Crew and other adults. Police reported that the light was being repaired at the time the death happened. I would like to extend my sympathy and prayers to the family and friends of the child.

Wrongful Deaths and Survival Actions: What You Need to Know

When wrongful deaths happen, they cause both grief and a sense of loss compounded by financial uncertainty. The latter is particularly true when the deceased is primarily responsible for family support. When the person’s death occurs due to negligence, it compounds the emotional toll. While no amount of money lessens our grief, it can help with the financial reality of going forward. A wrongful death lawyer can help you overcome this part of your new life without the one you need and love.

 CvCitrus Heights Drugged Driver

Citrus Heights Drugged Driver

Citrus Heights Drugged Driver – A Citrus Heights drugged driver has been reported as arrested in a double accident that occurred on October 9, which caused the death of a local man. According to the Citrus Heights Police Department, the 19-year-old suspect was identified as Christina Diaz. She is being charged with felony DUI, assault with a deadly weapon, gross vehicular manslaughter and hit and run as a felony. She is currently in the Sacramento County Jail.


Dangerous Toys Can Lead to Fatal Injuries

I’m Ed Smith, a Citrus Heights wrongful death lawyer. Toys are an exciting part of childhood, yet in some cases toys have been implicated in childhood injury and death. While parental supervision is vital, children can be injured or killed in minutes. Some of the threats to child safety are examined below.


Filing for Wrongful Death in Citrus Heights

I’m Ed Smith, a Citrus Heights wrongful death lawyer. A wrongful death in the family is one of the most devastating experiences. In addition, an untimely loss of a loved one may cause serious financial repercussions. When this happens, the family can struggle to pay bills and pay for end of life expenses.

What is the duration of a wrongful death claim?

I understand that for my clients suffering grief after losing their loved one, nothing would be better for them emotionally, than to resolve the wrongful death claim of their deceased as quickly as possible.  While I want to honor the requests and desires of my clients, I hope this blog helps people in this situation maintain an objective viewpoint of the wrongful death lawsuit and understand the legal perspective of handling a wrongful death claim.  I also hope this blog reminds clients that while there are reasons why a wrongful death claim may potentially require several years to resolve, the bottom line is, my client needs to take care of their grieving and healing process irregardless of the wrongful death claim.  It is your attorney’s job to fight for you.  Your attorney is handling the claim to reduce your stress.  Nonetheless, while you may be grieving, understanding what your lawyer is doing and understanding the process can help one go through the process with a greater dignity, peace and understanding.

Child_angel_on_a_child's_grave_-_Oak_Hill_Cemetery_-_2013-09-04Wrongful death claims for deceased minors can include a claim for the loss of future wages.  How is this possible if the deceased child never worked a day or died while still an infant?  In fact, this is the question of doubt that defense lawyers use to sow doubt or to attempt to diminish the value of a claim in the minds of juror when discussing this portion of the wrongful death claim of a minor.

However, a good wrongful death lawyer does not shy away from pursuing a future wage loss claim when representing the relatives of the deceased child when the possibility for doing so exists.   What does a wrongful death lawyer do to calculate the future lost earnings of a deceased child?  Admittedly, the process used is not perfect but it is a process that courts generally accept.