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Eggshell Plaintiffs

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento injury attorney. Do you remember the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty?” Here’s a quick refresher: Humpty Dumpty is traditionally portrayed as a large anthropomorphic egg who experiences a “great fall” while sitting on a wall. Despite the best efforts of the “king’s men and horses,” no one is able to repair poor Humpty Dumpty. While Humpty Dumpty is obviously a fictional character – when was the last time anyone saw a large, human-sized egg with arms and legs walking around town – some individuals are “fragile” in the sense that pre-existing physical or mental injuries and conditions have weakened them and made them more susceptible to injuries. When these individuals do suffer personal injuries as a result of the negligence or reckless behavior of another, the pre-existing conditions of these “eggshell plaintiffs” are often aggravated and the resulting harm to these plaintiffs can be more severe than had the injury occurred to a healthy and able-bodied individual. How would an eggshell plaintiff’s pre-existing conditions factor into a personal injury lawsuit for damages?

School Bus Driver Under Influence
Drunk School Bus Driver

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Bus Accident Attorney. Last week in Napa County, a 24-year old bus driver was arrested on child endangerment charges and suspicion of driving under the influence. The woman has been employed by Napa Valley Unified School District since the beginning of 2015. She was carrying 28 students on board the 2013 Thomas school bus. This incident occurred shortly after 3pm on the afternoon of December 11, 2015.

Staying Safe While Keeping Home Fires Burning
Staying Safe While Keeping Home Fires Burning

Staying safe while keeping home fires burning begins with a smoke detector. Having a properly installed and operating smoke detector saves lives. Whether we are asleep or awake we are pretty confident it is working to protect us.  So we continue to stoke our fireplaces and wood burning stoves. We continue to breathe in the fragrant aroma of our well-watered Christmas trees. We can even bake cookies galore and roast another holiday bird. Perhaps even burn that bird. Right?

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