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A Walking Program May Reduce Pain Levels

Several studies have concluded that following a regular walking program can help decrease lower back pain.  It may seem counterintuitive – many people want to lie down and rest when experiencing back pain – but in the absence of any risk of further injury, getting up and participating in light activity can help you feel better.  

Tailgating Causes a Lot of Accidents

The majority of accidents on the roads, including those that cause injuries and result in personal injury cases, are rear-end collisions.  Most of those collisions could have been avoided had the trailing driver allowed more room between their vehicle and the vehicle in front of them.  Approximately a third of all accidents that occur nationwide can be attributed to the rear car following too closely.  One of the safest habits a driver can adopt on the roadways is vowing not to be a tailgater.

The Personal Injury Demand Letter

When a person suffers injuries in an automobile accident, most often, the insurance claim is settled without having to go to court.  The settlement is usually facilitated by a demand letter written by the injured party’s attorney.  In this article, we will answer the question: what is a demand letter?  We will also take a look at some of the particulars that make it an effective legal tool.  

Accident at 47th Street Occurs When Motorcyclist Collides With Fence

A major injury occurred in a single motorcycle accident in Sacramento on January 20. The accident happened when a motorcyclist, for unknown reasons, went off the road at 47th Street and Underwood Way at about 7:36 a.m. and struck a fence. Upon the arrival of first responders with the Sacramento Fire Department, it was determined that rider had suffered major injuries. 

Fewer Back-Up Crashes with AEB

While front automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems have greater life-saving potential, rear AEB appears to save many drivers from the expense and inconvenience of being involved in a fender bender, according to research recently updated by the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI).  In fact, rear AEB stood out in the agency’s yearly compilation of its research into crash avoidance technology.  

County Worker in Texas Suffers Devastating Injury

A worker employed by a public works agency in Falls County, Texas, sustained a life-changing injury to his leg when a piece of machinery weighing more than one ton fell on him, crushing his lower leg. The machinery was designed to attach to a large front loader tractor to spray water used during the removal and crushing of old asphalt road surfaces. The injury resulted in a personal injury lawsuit filed in federal court in Texas that went to trial before a jury earlier this year.

Problems with iPhone Battery Defects Left Millions with Poor Options

The Apple iPhone has been both a technological and marketing marvel. Its sales skyrocketed over time, going from a little over one million units in 2007 to more than 200 million per year in recent years. Unfortunately, smartphones, in general, have had some glitches along the way, including multiple fires with certain Samsung batteries in a 2016 phone. That problem has largely been fixed, however, and phone battery fires have become very uncommon.

What is the History of Christmas Lights?

The December tradition of using festive Christmas lights to create warmth and illuminate the darkness of winter is centuries old.  It pre-dates the invention of electric strings of lights, by far.  Before modern electric lights came into existence, families would attach candles to their tree’s branches and light them in the evenings.  After enjoying the spectacle for a minute or two, the candle flames would be blown out.  The tree candles ended up resulting in numerous fires.

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