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Pedestrian Injured on Valley Hi Drive in Sacramento

A pedestrian is in critical condition after being struck by a vehicle on Valley Hi Drive in Sacramento on January 19. According to the report by the Sacramento Police Department, the accident happened close to Franklin Boulevard at about 5:30 p.m. Emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department transported the pedestrian, described as an adult male, to a nearby hospital. The driver that struck the walking man stayed at the accident site and was cooperating with police officers conducting the investigation. Police reported that drunk driving did not appear to be involved in the collision.

NHTSA Asked to Investigate Telsa Sudden Acceleration

Numerous complaints about problems with sudden acceleration in Tesla vehicles have been sent to the National Highway Traffic Administration, asking the agency to investigate the issue. The petition sent to the NHTSA numbers 500,000 complaints of incidents of sudden acceleration when the driver is attempting to park at the curb or in a garage. Other complaints claim the Tesla suddenly accelerated in traffic or while using the system for driver assistance, which caused crashes.

Negligent Driver Crashes into Sacramento Convenience Store

A driver damaged a Sacramento convenience store after their vehicle jumped the curb in front of the building and crashed into a large window. Damage to the building was minor. The accident happened during the early hours of January 13 after 2:00 a.m. along Northgate Boulevard at a 7-Eleven. No one was reported injured in the crash. Officers with the Sacramento Police Department are investigating the accident to determine why the convenience store incident occurred. 

Bone Bandage Can Be Used to Heal Fractures

A team of researchers from Duke University in Durham, NC recently published a research paper showing that a new bone bandage can be used to repair serious fractures. When someone is diagnosed with a broken bone, a straightforward injury will take about six weeks to heal. If the fracture requires surgery, the treatment process may take many months. When an individual is waiting for a bone fracture to heal, it can be hard to keep up with the daily routine. Now, there might be a way to speed up this process. If this research can translate to the clinical setting, it might allow someone to recover more quickly.

An Overview of a PIP Joint Dislocation

A PIP Joint Dislocation is a common and painful injury that occurs in the hand. In this injury, the middle joint of one of the fingers is dislodged from its typical location. This has the potential to significantly deform the finger, leading to a joint that is no longer able to function properly.

Can Someone Have a Missed Compression Fracture?

A missed compression fracture has the potential to significantly impact someone’s quality of life. Back pain is one of the most common reasons why people visit the doctor. While many people who suffer from back pain might just think it is due to arthritis or a muscle strain, this discomfort might be a sign of something much more serious. Those who develop daily back discomfort following a traumatic accident might actually have a broken bone in their spine called a compression fracture.

An Overview of a Flexion-Distraction Fracture

A flexion-distraction fracture is a common spinal injury that takes place during a motor vehicle accident. This injury has the potential to damage the spinal cord, leading to complications involving motor and sensory functions. Fortunately, with fast, proper treatment, many individuals will make a meaningful recovery.

An Overview of a Peroneal Tendon Tear

A peroneal tendon tear is a severe injury to the tendons that are located on the outer edge of the lower leg, ankle, and foot. The peroneal tendon is a collection of strong bands of tissue. These tissues join the muscles of the lower leg and foot with the bones they are responsible for moving.

New Safety Standards for Seatbacks

The World Health Organization estimates that nearly 1.35 million people are fatally wounded worldwide in road accidents, and at least 50 million accident victims sustain some form of permanent disability. The road transport system needs great improvements, but so is the modern vehicle design.

Green Light Has the Potential to Alleviate Pain

A new study shows that green light may be able to help people who live with chronic pain. Currently, the first-line treatment for chronic pain often involves opioids and narcotics. These medications are addictive and can lead to dangerous side effects, some of which can be deadly. For this reason, medical experts have been looking for alternatives to prescription medications that can help those living in daily discomfort.