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Ultrasound May Be Used To Heal Bone Fractures

Fractures are among the most common injuries that someone might sustain, and recently, it was announced that an ultrasound bone healing system might be able to expedite the recovery process. The traditional treatment of fractures involves an immobilizing cast and a rest period while bones heal over the course of about six weeks. If someone has been diagnosed with a displaced fracture, he or she might also require surgical correction of the injury prior to this cast. This can elongate the recovery period over several months. This time spent recovering might require someone to miss time from work or school.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a specialized field of science and healthcare that seeks to either replace or restore cells, tissues, and organs that have been damaged. Some of the reasons why these tissues might be damaged are an injury, trauma, accidents, and even congenital diseases. The vast majority of medical fields seek to treat someone’s symptoms while the body itself heals the underlying illness or injury. Unfortunately, treating the symptoms often leaves someone with residual complications that might inhibit their quality of life down the road. Regenerative medicine seeks to avoid this problem, alleviating both the symptoms and the root cause.

Sacramento Scooter Accident Causes Injuries

On November 8, a scooter accident involving a motor vehicle occurred along Power Inn Road in the parking lot of Sam’s Club in Sacramento. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) report stated that the accident occurred around 2:50 p.m. The rider was injured in the crash, which broke the scooter, and emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived at the scene to assess the medical injuries. The vehicle involved in the crash fled the scene following the scooter accident. The CHP is investigating to locate the driver, who faces charges of hit and run.

What is a Pott’s Fracture?

A Pott’s fracture is a serious injury of the ankle that often accompanies a traumatic accident. The ankle is one of the most commonly injured joints in the body. People depend on their ankle to provide their foot and lower leg with flexibility and a broad range of motion. In addition, the ankle also supports the lower body. Many people have sprained their ankle in the past and understand the difficulties this presents on a day to day basis. When someone is involved in a traumatic accident, he or she might suffer a severe injury of the ankle called a Pott’s fracture.

How Might Pain be Misdiagnosed?

Chronic pain is one of the most frequent reasons why people take time off from work or school; however, it can also be misdiagnosed. When someone presents to the doctor in pain, he or she is going to try to figure out why. Unfortunately, a missed diagnosis can also lead to further discomfort and serious medical complications. Some of these complications can include unnecessary medications, depression, anxiety, and even surgical procedures. Therefore, it is important for patients to understand what might cause a physician to misdiagnosis the cause of their pain. Then, patients will be in a position to help their doctor, leading to a faster diagnosis and an improved prognosis.

Hit and Run Accident in North Sacramento Caught by Traffic Camera

A hit and run accident in North Sacramento in the Arden Arcade area on November 3 left a pedestrian with major injuries. The pedestrian was crossing the street at the intersection of Cottage Way and Fulton Avenue at the crosswalk around 10:00 in the evening when the accident happened, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Traffic cameras at the intersection caught the accident on film as a silver-colored sedan sped through and struck the pedestrian and then left the scene. According to reports, the driver continued on Cottage Way and pulled in a parking lot but did not stop to help. The CHP is actively investigating the hit and run accident and looking for the vehicle and driver that caused the pedestrian injuries. Those with any information are requested to call the CHP at (916) 328-2300. Email addresses of officers handling the case are Officer Zerfas at and Officer Walker at Further information on the injured pedestrian has not yet been updated by authorities.

Sacramento November 2019 Events 

Autumn is here, and everyone has the pleasure of witnessing the seasonal change right in front of their eyes. Since the beautiful trees in Sacramento are turning a new leaf, it only makes sense that we take this time to consider how we want to change our own lifestyle. Are you spending enough time doing what you enjoy? Do you feel like you get to talk and spend enough time with your family and friends? If you answered no to either of these questions, I encourage you to read below for a list of local community events taking place in November. Find an event to attend with a beloved family member, friend, or spouse.

Cortisone Injections for Hip and Knee Pain Pose a Threat

Recently, research was conducted by the Boston University School of Medicine, focusing on cortisone injections used to treat hip or knee pain. Cortisone is a powerful steroid that is used to reduce inflammation in various areas throughout the body. Inflammation is the body’s response to trauma and stress. This inflammation can lead to swelling, pain, and redness. Many athletes rely on cortisone injections to help them reduce soreness and expedite their recovery. Individuals who suffer from osteoarthritis also use cortisone injections to help with their symptoms.

What is a Bumper Fracture?

Pedestrian injuries can be serious and one example is a Bumper fracture. This is a serious injury of the tibia. This trauma takes place when the bumper of a car impacts the knee of a pedestrian who is crossing the street. The car bumper impacts the outside of the knee, forcing it inward. Because of the lack of protection between the pedestrian and the moving vehicle, this injury is always serious.

What is a Freiberg Infraction?

A Freiberg infraction, which is also referred to as Freiberg disease, is a serious condition that develops in the foot following a traumatic injury. This is typically viewed as a serious complication of a prior foot injury that may lead to long-term mobility problems, including arthritis. When someone develops this condition, they have problems that impact the metatarsals (typically the second, third, and fourth) in their feet. The metatarsals are the bones that connect the base of the foot to the toes. Therefore, they play a significant role in balance, support, and mobility.