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What is Diffuse Axonal Injury?

Diffuse axonal injury (DAI) is a severe brain injury that can occur following a traumatic accident. The brain has separate areas of white matter and grey matter. In DAI, these regions are damaged. In severe cases, it could even leave people with permanent, irreparable neurological damage. Some of the most common mechanisms of DAI include:

Phrenic Nerve Injury in an Accident

Traumatic accidents can lead to penetrating injuries which can cause nerve injuries. One possible nerve injury that individuals could suffer in an auto accident is damage to the phrenic nerve. The phrenic nerve is one of the most critical nerves in the body. This nerve arises from the top of the neck in between the C3 and the C5 vertebrae. It travels down the throat into the chest cavity. Once in the chest, it powers the lungs, the heart, and the diaphragm. The job of the phrenic nerve is to provide motor and sensory function to organs in the chest and abdomen. Some of the purposes of this nerve include:

Obtain Compensation for Injuries on Unsafe Roads 

Unsafe roads can lead to a motor vehicle accident. Most of these accidents are caused by hitting a pothole, resulting in damage to the vehicle. Others can lead to a major traffic accident. This can leave those involved in the crash with severe injuries or even cause fatalities. Since a government entity is responsible for making roads, city streets, bridges and overpasses safe, they can be held liable for accident injuries.

Long Term Accident Injuries Overview 

A surprising number of car crashes lead to long term accident injuries and permanent damage. This type of injury can affect every facet of a person’s life. From walking to being able to hold down a job, long term accident injuries can make it difficult to enjoy the same quality of life that existed before. However, with time, many are able to work through their disability and fashion a new, although different, life. This takes time and can come with an emotional, financial and physical cost. When the accident was caused by negligence, someone with long term accident injuries can recover the associated financial damages. Below, we will explore the types of residual or permanent injuries that occur.

Sacramento Wheelchair Accident Settled for $300,000

A Southern California woman received a settlement of $300,000 by the city of Sacramento after a wheelchair accident she suffered during February 2014. According to the complaint that was filed, the city was in violation of state and ADA regulations with regard to those with mobility issues. Under the Americans With Disabilities Act, safety and access standards for the disabled are mandated. The suit alleged that the city was not in compliance with the law.

Loss of Mobility and Impacts on Quality of Life in Seniors

Mobility and its importance for someone’s quality of life are frequently overlooked. Too often, individuals do not realize the importance of movement until it is gone. In the elderly population, a loss of mobility can lead to serious impacts on their quality of life. Mobility is so important because it can:

The Difference Between a Sprain and a Strain

Traumatic accidents can lead to serious injuries, and two of the most common are sprains and strains. Like other injuries, these can range widely in their scope and severity. Sprains and strains can occur throughout the entire body. Sometimes, these injuries take a prolonged time to heal. It is essential for everyone to understand why joint sprains and strains happen. Some of the traumatic accidents that can cause these injuries include:

Vocal Cord Paralysis

While many people take their ability to speak for granted, individuals involved in a severe accident could end up with vocal cord paralysis. Unfortunately, this damage to the vocal cord could last for the rest of an individual’s life. Without the ability to speak, the impacts on someone’s quality of life can be severe. Speech production takes place in the following order:

Recovering After an ACL Tear

Knee injuries are common in car accidents, and one of the most serious is a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). The anterior cruciate ligament rests on the front of the knee. It prevents the kneecap from sliding too far forward over the bones of the lower leg, which are the tibia fibula. While many people associate ACL tears with contact sports such as soccer and football, they can also occur in traumatic accidents. Some of the symptoms of an ACL tear include: