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Sacramento’s Holiday Gift: Extended Free Parking to Boost Festive Spirit

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness. To foster community engagement and support local businesses, the City of Sacramento has adjusted its meter operation hours in midtown, downtown, and Old Sacramento. This change aims to offer more free parking opportunities leading up to Christmas, making it easier for residents and visitors to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Why Most Doctors Fail in Pain Management

In times of pain and discomfort, our natural instinct often leads us to seek physician assistance. Yet, when it pertains to chronic pain, this inclination can frequently prove misguided, as many doctors lack the proficiency to provide adequate aid. Conversely, alternative pain management practitioners are specifically trained to address pain and equipped with an array of tools and skills that can yield substantial pain relief.

Pedestrian Suffers Injuries in Folsom Traffic Crash on Bidwell Street

A pedestrian was injured and transported to a hospital in a Folsom traffic crash after being struck by a car on November 13. The accident occurred at the northbound Bidwell Street intersection with Oak Avenue Parkway, according to the Folsom Police Department. The vehicle driver remained at the accident scene and cooperated with police investigating the crash. No details were released about the pedestrian who was struck. The intersection area was shut down as the investigation was conducted, and the scene cleared.

Caltrans Suggests Sacramento’s First Tollway to Address Traffic 

Caltrans has unveiled an ambitious proposal for the Sacramento area’s first-ever tollway to alleviate traffic congestion and address the region’s growing commute woes. The proposed toll express lanes, stretching 18 miles in both directions, would span from West Sacramento to Davis, providing commuters with an alternative route to tackle the daily traffic grind.

The Dangers of Topping Off Your Automobile’s Fuel Tank

Many of us have been there, standing at the gas pump, debating whether to squeeze in more fuel even after the pump has clicked off to indicate the tank is full. It might seem like a harmless habit, but is it damaging your car’s fuel system?

Newsom Signs Bill to Improve Pedestrian Safety at Crosswalks 

California has introduced a new law to enhance the safety of crosswalks for pedestrians. Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed Assembly Bill 413, a measure brought forward by Assemblymember Alex Lee. This law prohibits cars from parking or stopping very close to a crosswalk; they must maintain a minimum distance of 20 feet, a practice called “daylighting.” This requirement applies to the side of the road from which the car approaches the crosswalk, ensuring drivers have better visibility to spot pedestrians preparing to cross the street.

Were You Misled by Google Maps Resulting in a Car Crash? We’re Here to Help!

In the digital age, we rely on technology – from ordering dinner to guiding us to our destinations. One of the most trusted tools in our arsenal is Google Maps. It’s supposed to get us from point A to point B with efficiency, accuracy, and safety. But what happens when the tool we trust leads us astray? What if that wrong turn or misguided route results in a car crash?

California Truckers Urge Newsom to Sign Anti-Automation Bill

Governor Gavin Newsom is under pressure to sign a bill addressing concerns surrounding self-driving trucks. The proposed law would prohibit trucks over 10,000 pounds, ranging from UPS delivery trucks to huge semi-trucks, from being on public roads without a human driver. This rule would be enforced until 2029. Advocates emphasize the importance of safety and job preservation, while opponents argue it could stifle innovation and suggest that regulations should be the purview of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Navigating the Challenges of U.S. Highway 50 Construction

For many daily commuters, navigating U.S. Highway 50 during its extensive construction phase has become daunting. As they endure traffic snarls and increased risks on the road, the question on everyone’s mind is when this massive project will finally reach completion.

New Campaign Aimed at Reducing Pedestrian and Cyclist Crashes

To make California’s streets safer for every individual, two state agencies, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the California Office of Traffic Safety (Cal OTS), are banding together to introduce a new public awareness campaign. Aimed at bolstering the sense of shared responsibility among motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians alike, the campaign fosters an environment where everyone can safely navigate the state’s thoroughfares.

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