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Drunk School Bus Driver

School Bus Driver Under Influence

Drunk School Bus Driver

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Bus Accident Attorney. Last week in Napa County, a 24-year old bus driver was arrested on child endangerment charges and suspicion of driving under the influence. The woman has been employed by Napa Valley Unified School District since the beginning of 2015. She was carrying 28 students on board the 2013 Thomas school bus. This incident occurred shortly after 3pm on the afternoon of December 11, 2015.

Location of Incident – Napa County

The school bus driver attempted to make a three-point turn along Old Sonoma Road. The area is located in an unincorporated area of Napa County. She had missed a turn (or bus top) and had to turn around. The school bus got stuck while trying to turn around.

Bus Blocks Roadway – California Highway Patrol

According to California Highway Patrol (CHP), the bus was blocking one lane of Old Sonoma Road, just south of Buhman Avenue in Napa County.  When officers arrived on scene they noticed signs indicative of being under the influence. The bus driver was not able to perform a field sobriety test. Her blood alcohol was over the legal limit according to authorities. She was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence and child endangerment.

What an ordeal for any child riding on a school bus

Watch Youtube Video [below]: DRUNK DRIVER CAPTAINS SCHOOL BUS. In the video below we see the frantic reactions of school children trapped on a moving school bus with an intoxicated bus driver.The older children try to persuade the bus driver to turn the bus off, step on the brake, apply the emegency brake, etc. The younger passengers on the school bus cry and are comforted by the older kids. One girl decides to have all kids exit through the rear of the bus as she talks on her cell phone to someone in authority. A drunk school bus driver is a scary event for an adult let alone a child. 

Please Note: Youtube video above portrays a drunk school bus driver. However, it is not the Napa County school bus driver.

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