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Brain Injury Has Detrimental Effect on Vision

Traumatic brain injury occurs in a variety of ways. It can happen due to a motor vehicle accident, a fall or an assault. When TBI happens, the brain is injured and cannot function properly, either temporarily or permanently. It causes cognitive loss and may leave an individual in a comatose state, unable to function at all. It causes disability that can disrupt life, making it impossible to work as before and affects social interaction. There are other aspects of a TBI such as visual disfunction. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, since about 40-50 percent of the brain is involved in vision, this should come as no surprise. Overall, 20-40 percent of those with injury to one or multiple locations in the brain suffer from vision loss. Let’s look at the types of visual dysfunction a TBI causes, how this can be treated, what sort of issues the individual faces and how this affects a legal claim. 

Tackling Issues Associated With Brain Injury

Every year, the Brain Injury Association of America encourages their countrymen and women to understand the effects of this malady on individuals and their families. The BIAA has worked hard for 30 years to increase the public’s awareness of traumatic brain injury and how it affects families. To better alert the public, March has been named brain injury awareness month. Together, we can help those with brain injuries have a better quality of life and help families meet new responsibilities. 

Memory Loss in Traumatic Brain Injury

Memory loss is common with traumatic brain injuries. For example, losing your train of thought, not knowing where you put an item or forgetting names can make day-to-day living harder. Memory loss happens because the parts of the brain that involve memory are damaged. It is often necessary to implement strategies to overcome memory problems. These help with managing the deficits and compensating for them after a traumatic injury. Let’s take a look at the different types of memory loss, how to compensate for them and medication that may help.

Virtual Reality Concussion Diagnosis

Virtual Reality Concussion Diagnosis

Virtual Reality Concussion Diagnosis  – With the fall football season underway, doctors are looking for a better way to diagnose a concussion on the sidelines. Virtual reality concussion diagnosis might just provide that tool. Last season, over 291 players suffered a concussion in 2017. However, many others sustained hits to the head but were not diagnosed with a concussion and allowed to resume playing. Let’s take a look at how virtual reality may help doctors on the sidelines diagnose a concussion on the field, and remove injured players from the game.

Understanding Concussions

Understanding Concussions

I’m Ed Smith, a Fresno car accident lawyer. Though concussions may not seem to be very serious, they are the most common type of brain injury and can have serious consequences.  Traumatic brain injuries can sometimes be deadly. Some of the most common causes of concussions happen through sports or recreational activities. Other people sustain brain injuries in car accidents, slips or falls, or workplace accidents. The frightening aspect of a brain injury is that the sufferer may not realize they are ill until other symptoms present themseleves.


Santa Barbara Brain Injury Victim Makes Comeback

I’m Ed Smith, a Santa Barbara brain injury lawyer. The victim of a hit and run accident in Santa Barbara eight months ago recently went to the police department  with his family to thank the officers who relentlessly tracked and apprehended the driver. In a heart-warming visit, the family noted that bringing the perpetrator to justice was more than just a job for Officer Ethan Ragsdale and his support team.  


Santa Barbara Accident Results in Traumatic Brain Injury

I’m Ed Smith, a Santa Barbara brain injury lawyer. A run off road crash due to driver error along California State Route 154 caused major injuries to both a driver of a vehicle and his passenger who suffered serious head trauma. After the collision, the highway was shut down in part while an investigation by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) was conducted, and the victims of the crash were rescued and transported to a hospital.

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Promising Treatments for Brain Injury Patients

Those who have experience dealing with a brain injury understand the devastating consequences that can result. They could lead to lifelong comorbidities for patients, such as chronic pain. Recent research performed by Rutgers University may open a new avenue for the treatment of brain injuries.

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Symptoms of a Brain Bleed

Many people use cars for the work commute, the drive to school, and for pleasure transportation. Unfortunately, there is always a risk that a car accident can take place and it does not take a severe collision to cause a traumatic brain injury. Even a so-called “fender bender” can cause people to smack their heads on either the window, the headrest, or the dashboard. If this impact is great enough, it can cause bleeding in the brain. Head or brain injury is a medical emergency and can cause severe, irreversible symptoms that can even include death.

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