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Pedestrian Accident in West Sacramento Causes Serious Injuries

A pedestrian accident on November 29 in West Sacramento ended up causing serious injuries to the walker. The accident was reported by the West Sacramento Police as occurring along West Capitol Avenue close to Pecan Street shortly before 8:30 in the evening. Although there is a crosswalk in the area, no traffic lights are present and no stop signs along West Capitol. According to the police report, the pedestrian was transported to a nearby hospital, but no further information has been released. Local police are in charge of investigating the accident to determine how it occurred and to assign fault.

West Sacramento November 2019 Events

West Sacramento is known as one of the most attractive suburbs in California – and for a very good reason. Located right beside the Sacramento River, this city is home to a tight-knit community that takes pride in its history as well as progressive spirit.

Road Work Dangers in West Sacramento

Road work dangers were brought to the forefront when a Caltrans employee was critically injured on December 7 by an out-of-control vehicle along West Sacramento’s I-80. The worker was identified as Gary Morin, age 32, who is currently being treated in the unit for intensive care at UC Davis Medical Center. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the driver of the vehicle suffered minor injuries and was taken to the same hospital for treatment.

West Sacramento Pedestrian Accidents

When a West Sacramento pedestrian is injured through the negligent actions of another person or entity, the walker has the legal right to claim compensation.  Under California law governing personal injuries, injured persons can obtain fair compensation to pay for their medical bills and associated expenses, pain and suffering and time lost from work to recover. A personal injury lawyer’s job is to assist an injured person by gathering all the evidence in the accident, deal with the insurance company, and if negotiations fail, to take the case to civil court where it will be decided by a jury.

West Sacramento Bicyclist Injury – A West Sacramento bicyclist injury happened when a 6-year-old riding his bicycle to school was struck by an SUV on October 24 as he was crossing the street. The child was accompanied by his sister when the collision occurred at the intersection of Collins Street and Henshaw Road near Lake View Park. The Sacramento Police Department is investigating how the accident happened, and no charges have been placed against the driver as of the time of this report.

Details of the West Sacramento Bicyclist Injury

West Sacramento Accidents

West Sacramento Accidents

West Sacramento Accidents. West Sacramento accidents occur unexpectedly and can be caused by a variety of negligent acts. Since West Sacramento has Interstate 80 and California State Route 84 running through it, traffic accidents are one of the most common. In 95 percent of car accidents, negligence is involved. This means that the injured person may place a claim for financial compensation against the at-fault party. The compensation pays for the cost of hospitalization, medical care, pain and suffering and time away from work. However, not all accidents occur on the road. Learn about the different types of West Sacramento accidents that can lead to a personal injury claim.

October 2018 West Sacramento Community Activities

October 2018 West Sacramento Community Activities

October 2018 West Sacramento Community Activities. The lively community of West Sacramento is filled with many things, from popular restaurants and breweries to historic destinations such as the Tower Bridge and the California State Railroad Museum. Whether you’re looking for a community with an active nightlife scene or an enriching history, West Sacramento has something to offer for everyone that passes through. I have gathered a short list of upcoming community events taking place this October, all you have to do is read below to discover an event that you can attend with your loved ones.

West Sacramento Rollover Accident

West Sacramento Rollover Accident

West Sacramento Rollover Accident – A one-car collision on September 18, 2018, occurred when the driver fell asleep while driving along Carlin Drive eastbound near Southport Parkway and crashed. The accident was reported by the driver himself, after he nodded off and his car rolled several times before landing on its roof, according to the West Sacramento Police Department. It is unknown at the time of this report whether drugs or alcohol was involved in the crash.


What is PTSD?

I’m Ed Smith, a West Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer. It may be hard to believe for some, but PTSD is not just something that soldiers experience.  In fact, it can be experienced by anyone that has been through a traumatic event like a car accident.  There may be circumstances where the independent medical examiner or IME arranged by the insurance company can overlook the occurrence in PTSD.  Protect yourself and your family by knowing more about PTSD, the signs, and the probability of this occurring in children.


Wrong Way Driver Kills West Sacramento Man

I’m Ed Smith, a West Sacramento personal injury lawyer. A wrong-way motorist was driving along Interstate 80 in Sacramento during the evening hours of Tuesday, February 7, 2017. The negligent driver kept driving even after sideswiping one vehicle and eventually crashed head-on into an innocent victim.

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