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Alzheimer’s and Dementia Research Takes a New Approach

Recently, an article was published detailing a new approach that doctors are taking to Alzheimer’s and dementia research. These diseases have impacted countless families over the past few decades. Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia rob people of their memories, their personality, and their ability to think clearly. As a result, loved ones feel like the person they know has changed.

Alternative Treatments for Fibromyalgia 

Fibromyalgia can be a frustrating medical condition to treat. While the first-line treatments are often prescription medications, these can have challenging side effects. Fortunately, there are some natural alternatives to prescription medications that some people may find helpful. The standard medical treatments for fibromyalgia often include drugs such as anti-seizure medications (Keppra), antidepressants (SSRIs and TCAs), and painkillers (opioid and narcotic). The side effects of these medications include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and mood changes. For those who are looking for natural alternatives to prescription medications, there are a handful of options available. These alternatives can help individuals suffering from fibromyalgia avoid the frustrating side effects that often accompany prescription medications.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections as a Treatment for Chronic Pain

One of the most common reasons why people visit their doctor is discomfort and, fortunately, there might be a new treatment option for chronic pain in the form of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. According to information that has been published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), about one out of every five adults in the United States suffered from chronic pain during the recent past. About 8 percent of adults also indicated that their pain adversely impacted their quality of life in some way.

Bone Graft Procedure

A bone graft is a term used to describe a procedure that plays an important role in the repair of some fractures. When someone suffers a bone fracture, it can range in severity from relatively minor to potentially devastating. Fortunately, there is a graft procedure available to assist in the healing process of even the most severe fractures. With the help of this graft, some people might be able to regain the complete function of an injured limb. Because of this, it is important for everyone to understand the basics of this surgical procedure.

Chronic Pain Treatment in California

Chronic pain treatment is one of the most pressing medical issues in the United States today, and California is trying to take the lead on changing the narrative surrounding this debilitating complication. The opioid and narcotic epidemics have occupied a lot of the national media spotlight recently as countless individuals continue to develop dangerous addictions to these medications. Unfortunately, these medications often fail to address the root cause of someone’s chronic pain. Furthermore, addictions to these medications can lead to long-term hospitalizations, stays in the intensive care unit (ICU), and even death. Fortunately, California is trying to implement measures to improve the way that chronic pain is addressed in the state. One of the leading advocacy groups, called For Grace, is trying to change the way this condition is treated, providing hope to the millions of people in this state who are looking for solutions to their discomfort.

Segmental Break 

A broken bone could be classified as a segmental fracture or a segmental break. A segmental break is a severe injury because the bone has been broken in more than one location. The fracture lines travel entirely through the bone. As a result, there is at least one portion of bone that is completely separated from the rest of the structure, creating a serious injury.

Treating a Torn Calf Muscle

A torn calf muscle is one of the most common types of muscle tears. The calf muscles are located on the back of the lower legs. They help to support the bones of the lower leg such as the tibia and fibula. The treatment of a torn calf muscle will vary depending on the severity of the injury. The initial treatment of a torn calf muscle consists of rest, ice, heat, and elevation. Some more serious calf muscle tears may require surgery.

The Relationship Between Alcohol and Cancer

Alcohol consumption can lead to several health effects, including reduced inhibition, trouble focusing and severely impaired driving ability. However, the long-term impacts are often overlooked. Prolonged alcohol consumption may lead to the development of cancer. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), several types of cancer have been linked to alcohol. They include mouth cancer, larynx cancer (also called the voice box), esophageal cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, liver cancer, and even breast cancer. These risks have been linked to all types of alcohol, including wine, beer, and liquor. The CDC has also stated that the more alcohol people drink, the higher their risk of developing these cancers.

The Treatment of a Torus Fracture

A torus fracture is an incomplete break; however, the treatment is still going to depend on the severity of the fracture. This break is a circumferential fracture that typically occurs in one of the long bones such as the fibula, radius, ulna, or tibia. This class of bone fracture often occurs in younger individuals who have bones that are more flexible. The more flexible the bone, the more prone it is to an incomplete break. Because the fracture is incomplete, it is also more challenging to spot on medical imaging, such as x-rays. For this reason, there is some basic information on torus fractures that everyone should know.

Collapsed Lung in a Traumatic Accident

A collapsed lung is a life-threatening injury that could occur following a traumatic accident. Also called a pneumothorax, a lung can collapse when air gets in the chest cavity outside of the lung tissue. The lungs are protected by a thin lining called the pleural tissue. If air gets in between the outside of the lungs and the pleural tissue, the pressure of this air will cause the collapse of a lung. There are two different types of collapsed lungs. They are:

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