CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: What We Are Doing to Protect Our Clients

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The Lost Semester

Schools are closed throughout the Sacramento area. Elk Grove Unified School District will be handing out Chromebooks from April 1st through 9th for families without other computers in order to begin a program of distance learning. Any hope that kids will return to classrooms before summer has faded.  

Zoom Client Meetings

Zoom is helping us stay socially connected from a distance. While Skype and Facetime have been available for video chats for years, Zoom has emerged as the clear technological winner in the field during this Covid-19 isolation period.  We here at have found the app to have a fast and reliable connection. We have been using it for staff meetings, and it was so simple to use that we began offering Zoom client meetings. New client meetings via Zoom help us establish trust and connection. The process of accessing Zoom is not difficult, and we will link a video and provide simple instructions below. The app is so popular that “zoom” has become a verb – so if you want to talk with us face-to-face about your case – let’s zoom!

Self-Massage Techniques for Pain and Anxiety

Many of our clients, especially those with chronic pain issues, benefit from therapeutic massage. During this time of responsible social distancing, many massage therapists are not seeing clients. Fortunately, there are self-massage techniques that can be utilized by the homebound, which can bridge the treatment gap and provide pain-relieving and immune-boosting benefits.

Are Empty Roads Safer?

The Sacramento freeways are nearly empty. We no longer need to consult Waze or Google Maps before we begin a drive. Whereas once the traffic in the Sacramento area could be so heavy that it was prudent to check the estimated time to travel your intended route, now during our shelter-in-place, all that stands between you and nearly everywhere you want to go is a stretch of uninhabited road. But do deserted highways automatically mean that there are fewer car accidents? Perhaps that is true in overall quantity, but the open roads may be the setting for more serious accidents if fewer cars result in faster cars.

Local Grocery Chain Assists At-Risk Shoppers

As our shelter in place continues, many of us are taking daily stock of what is in our cupboards, refrigerators, and freezers for meal planning purposes.  The quick run to the grocery store that we once took for granted has drastically changed, as shelves are emptied and we worry about keeping social distance within the store and in checkout lines.  There are many positive things on which to focus as we navigate our current reality.  Difficult times often spark innovation and generosity. We would like to highlight one company that took quick and decisive action.  Local grocery chain Raley’s just introduced Senior Essentials, a new program that helps at-risk shoppers.

Police Officer Rescues Driver From Vehicle Engulfed in Flames

A brave Elk Grove police officer saved a man trapped in his burning vehicle on February 11, 2020, on Waterman Road. The officer, identified as Jarred Houston, had been called to investigate a crash at about 1:00 in the early morning hours when he saw that the front of the vehicle was engulfed in flames. Houston, worried that someone was still in the car, sprung into action as captured on video from his body cam. The police officer ran to the car to see if it was occupied. He found that it was, and the person had moved over to the passenger side of the vehicle. 

Injuries Occur in an Elk Grove Multiple-Vehicle Accident

On January 17, 2020, a multiple-vehicle accident occurred along southbound State Route 99 in Elk Grove that injured several people. The accident was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as occurring around 5:41 p.m. just north of the Bradshaw Road exit ramp. Vehicles involved included a Chrysler and Honda, as well as two other unidentified cars. It was reported that the front-end of one vehicle was damaged and another sustained damage to its rear-end. The number one and two lanes of the highway remained blocked as responders with the Sacramento Fire Department assessed injuries to those involved in the crash.

Woman Killed on Highway 99 After Leaving Her Vehicle

A traffic fatality occurred in Elk Grove on January 5, 2020, following an accident when a woman exited her car. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the woman had been involved in a collision with two other vehicles around 10:30 p.m. along south Highway 99, close to Laguna Boulevard. No one was injured in the crash. The woman had been driving a Toyota Prius and continued along the highway for around ½ mile despite having major damage to the front end of her car. At this point, the vehicle stopped along the center median. 

Elk Grove Community Event Calendar – December 2019

It is without hesitation to say that Elk Grove is beautiful every time of the year, although there’s something about the holidays that seems to fill the city with even more beauty. While Christmas is nearing, and it can be just as much a source of excitement as it can be stressful. We are trying to meet deadlines, buy the right gifts, set up decorations, and much more. Make sure that you are taking time this month to do things that help you relax and enjoy the end of the year. Below, I have a December 2019 Elk Grove community event calendar, and there is guaranteed to be an event that is calling your name.

The Importance of Mindfulness During an Injury Recovery

There has been a lot of talk surrounding the idea of mindfulness over the past few years. People have promoted this concept as a way to improve someone’s focus, reduce stress, and even manage chronic pain following an injury. Chronic pain represents a significant challenge facing the healthcare system today. It is among the most frequent reasons why individuals seek care from a medical professional and why individuals might not be able to go to work or attend school.