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Auburn Intersection Accidents

Intersection Accidents in Auburn

The Federal Highway Administration reports that there are approximately 2.5 Million accidents happening at intersections annually. The majority of these collisions involve left turns.

Annual Deaths From Falling Down Stairs

Statistics on Stairway Falls

Stairways are one of the most frequent places for falls to occur, yet there is little literature available about stairway falls, or more importantly, how to prevent them. Over a million people are involved in falls every year, and over 12,000 die in stairway falls. In the last account I can find:

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What is Average Daily Traffic Volume?

Average daily traffic volume is the number of vehicles that pass a particular point during a specified day and/or time period.

As an Elk Grove personal injury lawyer since 1982, I’ve had occasion to represent hundred’s of motorcyclist’s and their families and discover quite a bit about motorcycle accidents.

1. A motorcyclist is 30 times more likely to die in a highway accident than is an occupant of a car or SUV.  This is thought to be because of the lack of protection of the motorcyclist and the failure of other drivers to see the motorcyclist.

Obviously, anytime a child pedestrian is struck by a motor vehicle the potential exists for serious traumatic injury or even death. A vehicle may have 100 times the mass of a child, and even at relatively slow speeds its momentum is sufficient cause broken bones, spinal injuries, and major head injuries. But even so, some types of vehicles are more likely to cause a child pedestrian death than are other vehicles.

child pedestrian death

A Study of the Factors in Child Pedestrian Death

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Wrongful Death Attorney and this article is one of a continuing series called  “Just the Stats” that indicate the causes of Injuries and Accidental Deaths throughout the United States.

Poisonings are the number 1 cause of unintentional death in the United States. Poisonings include deaths by gases, drugs, medicines and vapors. in 2012, 37,000 people were killed due to poisonings.

Think your cat’s love nips are harmless? Think again. According to Mercury News, cat bites can be more serious than you might have expected.

Feline bites can become more prone to infections from the bacteria found in cats know as Pasteurella multocida. This bacteria can mix with the bacteria found in human skin named Staphylococcus and streptococcus and sometimes can even become deadly. MedStar Georgetown University Hospital reported that close to 50 percent of all feline bites become infected

Products Liability

As a Sacramento Products liability lawyer since 1982, I’ve seen lots of serious injuries caused by or associated with consumer products over the years. As part of my continuing series, Just the stats, here are some of the more serious and injuries, courtesy of the Consumer Products Safety Commission for 2012.

As a California personal injury attorney, I often read publications and texts nationwide regarding different varieties of injury as well as different ways of dying.

I was struck today reading a brief from the National Safety Council, which broke down causes of fatalities by cause and by state.

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney, and this is a continuing series about statistics in auto, motorcycle, and trucking accidents.

Clients have often asked me the most dangerous day of the week to be driving. In 2012, most fatalities happened on Saturdays (18 percent), while Sundays ( 16 percent) and Fridays (15 percent) were close behind. The morning rush hours were the most dangerous time of day, followed by the evening rush hours.

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