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IKEA Loses Product Liability Lawsuit Over Defective Furniture

In January 2020, the parents of a toddler who died after he was killed by an IKEA dresser that fell on him were awarded $46 million in damages. This is believed to be the largest awarded settlement in the death of a child. The lawsuit was filed in 2018 after the dresser fell on top of their son, crushing his neck and resulting in his death from suffocation. An earlier recall of IKEA furniture that did not meet U.S. standards had resulted in other fatalities and injuries. Consumer advocates said that company actions to warn consumers and to prevent further injuries and deaths were not enough. 

Firefighting Foam Presents Numerous Health and Safety Hazards

Industry experts from all over the world have recently joined the firefighter trade unions in pushing for sweeping changes to be made to firefighting foam. This call echoes massive concerns that PFOA and PFAS used in firefighting foam can cause serious health and safety hazards. These chemicals have been implicated in multiple studies as causing a variety of health conditions.

Pool Filter Explosions May Be More Common Than You Think

If you asked a normal homeowner whether or not they would consider keeping a bomb in their backyard, the answer would almost always be a resounding “of course not.” However, the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals estimates that there are well over ten million residential pools in the United States, and a large majority of these pools use a high-pressure pool filter. Because these filters are designed to operate under very high pressure, they can explode with a massive amount of force when something goes wrong.

Why Your Pool Filter May Be Dangerous

Most homeowners do everything they can to make sure that the place they live in is safe for them and their families. However, many homeowners aren’t aware of a hazard in their own backyard. It may surprise you to learn that exploding pool filters are a real issue and are responsible for a high number of accidents that have caused serious and even fatal injuries. If you or somebody that you know owns a pool with a filter, you may want to read on and learn more about the hazards involved with these products.

Nissan Recalls Vehicles Due To Fire Risk

Recently, the car giant Nissan announced a significant recall due to concerns that their vehicles might spontaneously catch fire. Nissan is one of the largest car companies in the world, and this recall is estimated to affect close to 400,000 vehicles in the United States. When a recall is issued, it is typically because something is wrong with the vehicle that places the safety of its occupants at risk. This is exactly what has happened in this situation.

Asbestos Contamination Cited in Makeup Recall 

Twice in the past three months, asbestos contamination has been the cause of a recall by Claire’s, the makeup company. The company markets beauty products for young girls. Asbestos exposure is a proven cause of mesothelioma, a cancer that can attack the lungs, heart, or abdomen. The Food and Drug Administration confirmed in March that the independent testing of product samples from Claire’s showed that the products were contaminated. Asbestos is a mineral that occurs naturally near talc, which is an ingredient commonly used in makeup. Talc itself has been implicated in ovarian and uterine cancer.

Jogging Stroller Safety Concerns

Jogging strollers have become popular among parents, particularly those with young children, because they can keep their kids with them during their exercise. Unfortunately, one popular brand of jogging stroller is having significant issues. The Britax Jogging Stroller has been one of the leading options on the market; however, in the last six years, more than 200 complaints have been filed with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Some of the pertinent issues regarding these complaints include:

Fisher-Price Recalls Rock ‘n Play Sleeper 

For parents, their children are their greatest treasure and need to be protected. Unfortunately, the Fisher-Price Sleepers are placing newborn babies and infants in harm’s way. Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warned parents who are using the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper of the significant risks. Deaths are still occurring with the use of this sleeper, prompting some parents to seek help from a Sacramento Products Liability Lawyer. Some of the key points regarding the dangers of this product include:

Dangerous Products and How to Deal With Them

Dangerous products cause many injuries and fatalities each year. Although the Consumer Product Safety Commission has the job of protecting the public from dangerous products, it’s a big job that involves thousands of types of consumer goods. The CPSC is charged with developing industry standards, banning unsafe products and researching potential hazards. However, a number of serious injuries or even fatalities can occur before an unsafe product is recalled. When this happens, the injured person can face lost time at work, high medical bills and other costs. A lawyer who is experienced in products liability can help you get the financial compensation that you need and deserve.

Sacramento Product Liability Claims

Product liability claims often arise when a family member is injured because of a defect or error in manufacturing. Although many products are subject to recall, it can take a long time before this happens. In addition, some defects in products may be hidden and cause serious injuries. This is why consulting a lawyer experienced in product liability cases is important, particularly when severe injuries are involved.

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