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Danger and Liability of Slip and Fall Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento slip and fall lawyer. Slip and fall accidents can happen at any time and are a leading cause of visits to the emergency room. According to the National Floor and Safety Institute, more than one million people have to pay a visit to the emergency room each year due to a slip and fall.

The Most Common Reasons for a Slip and Fall

Stockton Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Stockton Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Stockton Slip-and-Fall Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Stockton slip-and-fall attorney. It happens in the blink of any eye – you are walking through the grocery store when you step in a puddle of water in the middle of the aisle and slip and fall. Or you might have been visiting friends who have a pool, and you slip-and-fall while walking across the deck. If the insurance company fails to compensate you fairly for your injuries a lawsuit may need to be filed by an experienced personal injury attorney. Below is an overview of that process.

What is Kinematics?

Kinematics comes from the Greek word “kuma” or “kumat”, which means movement. It is the study of movement without regard to the forces or masses involved. Trauma is all about movement as all trauma, whether it be blunt or penetration trauma, involves the phenomenon of movement.

All injury relates to movement and its relationship to the body. The source of the movement may be as commonplace as a motor vehicle or a penetrating foreign body. It can also be as esoteric as the moving particles found in heat injuries, blast injuries, or ionizing radiation. Kinematics is all about velocity and acceleration. When a car accelerates and strikes a pedestrian, the trauma received is all about kinematics.

One of the important factors in any personal injury claim is determine “liability,” or responsibility for the injury. Typically, personal injury claims will involve situations in which one person was negligent, and that negligence establishes that person’s liability for the injuries caused to other people in the incident. Often, that negligence is crystal clear. If one car is stopped waiting at a red light and is suddenly rear-ended by a second vehicle, the driver of that second vehicle will almost always be the person found “negligent” or “at fault” for causing the collision.

header3But this isn’t always the case. Imagine, for example, a driver preparing to enter a roadway from a parking lot — there appears to be an opening in traffic for him to safely enter, but as he drives forward he collides with another vehicle that was speeding down the road. In this situation, the driver entering the road should have taken more time to observe traffic to be certain it was safe to move forward, but the speeding driver should also have been operating his vehicle within the speed limit.

Or consider a pedestrian in rainy weather who is running toward a store entrance to get out of the rain. Unfortunately, the store’s employees forgot to put out rainmats at the entrance that day, so the pedestrian reaches the wet, slippery walkway and suddenly falls and is injured. The employees obviously forgot an important safety device, but the pedestrian herself probably shouldn’t have been running in conditions where the walkway could forseeably be especially slippery.rain

Workplace Slip-and-Fall Injuries

Have you ever had a slip-and-fall?  I don’t know about you,  but the first thing “I do” when I tumble is try to do it gracefully.  Next order of business is to thrust my hands out in front of me (or in back of me) and try to protect my face or backside.  Basically, I am trying to break my fall rather than break my nose or tailbone.  Once I make contact with solid ground (ouch), I take a look around hoping no one saw what just went down.  Even if my fall was not seen — it probably was felt and heard.   Thump, bump-bump….expletive!

Workplace skip-and-fall injuries result in over one million claims being filed for worker’s compensation benefits each year.  This according to the National Safety Council (NSC).

Annual Deaths From Falling Down Stairs

Statistics on Stairway Falls

Stairways are one of the most frequent places for falls to occur, yet there is little literature available about stairway falls, or more importantly, how to prevent them. Over a million people are involved in falls every year, and over 12,000 die in stairway falls. In the last account I can find:

  • Over 1,000,000 people sought hospital treatment for stairway falls.

In each knee, we have a menisci. (Plural: meniscus) We don’t think of these C-shaped rubbery disks much until they cause us problems.  The menisci disperse our body weight which keeps our knees steady and our bodies balanced.  So when they start to give us problems, our entire life can be turned upside down.  It’s only then we realize how much we depend on the knee meniscus.

Meniscus tears in the knees often occur in athletes bodies.  Sports that require pivoting, turning, or squatting like basketball, soccer, tennis and football can cause this type of injury.

In the case of personal injury victims, often it is direct pressure or forced contact with another solid object directly to the knee that causes this injury. Since the meniscus loses strength as we age, the meniscus in people over the age of 30 become more susceptible to injury when their knees are exposed to direct pressure or force.  This injury can occur in slip and falls. If a person was in an auto accident and their knee was slammed into the dashboard, steering wheel or door of their car upon impact, this forced pressured can cause a meniscus tear.  Motorcycle riders who fall off their bikes or fly into other objects where they strike their knees at a high rate of speed may also experience this injury.

Garage Sales: Am I liable?

Garage Sales: Am I liable?

Spring is here, and we may be well into spring cleaning.  What’s next? A garage sale, of course. Why not make a profit on those unused coats, shoes, and toys lying around?

While throwing a garage sale might be the perfect way to get rid of unused items and make a small fortune, a homeowner or renter needs to remember that they are opening themselves up to liability and should take steps to ensure that no one is injured at the garage sale.

ankle fracture
A fracture of the ankle may occur to a person involved in a motor vehicle collision.  A fracture involving the talus, a bone that makes up the lowest part of the ankle joint, is usually apparent in people involved in a motor vehicle collision.  Notwithstanding, this injury can also be seen in victims of falls or snowboarders.

The talus is plays a large role in connecting the foot, leg and body. This particular part of the ankle also helps us transfer weight and pressure evenly across the ankle.

How do I know if I have a fracture of the talus? Generally, a person will experience severe pain and will find that their ankle is unable to bear weight.  There may be visible swelling and the area may be tender to touch. Usually, the diagnosis of a fracture will be made at the first visit.

Cruise Ship
There are over 9 Million People a year who take cruise vacations. Occasionally, however, your vacation in the sun may be interrupted. You can find yourself on the deck after having suffered a serious fall.

Having a fractured hip can have very serious consequences for an elderly person and ships, especially those who cater to an older crowd, should take precautions to prevent accidents.

Although many ships have anti slip surfaces on their decks,  many have not updated