Which consumer products cause the most injuries? (Just the stats)

As a Sacramento Products liability lawyer  since 1982 , I’ve seen lots of serious injuries caused by or associated with consumer products over the years. As part of my continuing series, Just the stats, here are some of the more serious  and injuries, courtesy of the Consumer Products Safety Commission for 2012.

Defective Flooring material 1,500,000 injuries

Defects in stairs or steps 1,300,000

Defects in beds 709,000

Bicycles 566,000

Knives 402,000

Chairs 390,000

Ceilings and Walls 378,000

Doors 328,000

Tables 324,000

Bathtubs and showers 324,000

Bottles, Jars and other containers 320,000

Porches and Balconies 153,000

Fences or Fence Posts 124,000

Windows 118,000

Skateboards 114,000

Swimming Pools 98,000

Trampolines 94,000

Saws 84,000

Lawn Mowers 83,000

Pruning, trimming and Edging equipment 49,000

Hot water 45.000

Chain Saws 30,000

Elevators and escalators 22.000


This is just a sample of the number of injuries every year associated with household products. Every injury, of course, is not Caused by every product. If you have a severe injury, however, and have used one of the above categories of product or any other household product, please give me a call.

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