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How New Motorcycle Riders Can Reduce Accident Risks

New motorcycle riders are common in California, which isn’t surprising since there are more than 800,000 bikers registered in the state. While motorists are at fault in some collisions, new motorcycle riders cause a high percentage of these accidents. In this article, we will be exploring how negligence, lack of experience, or other problems associated with new bikers can contribute to motorcycle crashes.

Crash Reconstruction in Motorcycle Accidents

Crash Reconstruction in Motorcycle Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, an Elk Grove motorcycle accident lawyer. Motorcycle accidents can leave the rider with severe injuries or cause the sudden death of a loved one. Accident reconstruction is a valuable tool in determining how the crash happened and assigning fault. When there is an issue involved as to who caused an accident, contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer is a positive step to claim fair compensation.

Car Thief Backs Into Elk Grove Motorcycle Cop

A man stole a car from an Elk Grove house on January 26, 2016. A short time later he was shot after he crashed the stolen car into a motorcycle cop.

Motorcycle Lane Splitting May Be Legalized in Elk Grove in 2016
Legalizing Motorcycle Lane Splitting in California

Motorcycle lane splitting has long been a part of Elk Grove and northern California life. As the freeways and roadways become congested with early morning and late afternoon rush hour traffic, Elk Grove motorcyclists seek to avoid traffic by practicing what is known as lane splitting. When engaging in lane splitting, a biker passes cars by driving in between lanes. Bikers use this method to pass slower cars or to completely bypass traffic.

Five Crucial Safety Tips for Elk Grove Motorcycle Riders
Five Crucial Safety Tips for Elk Grove Motorcycle Riders

Edward A Smith is an Elk Grove Motorcycle Accident Lawyer. Ed knows that as a biker, you understand the beauty of the road. Elk Grove and its neighboring cities in northern California provide a brilliant backdrop for motorcycle enthusiasts. With its long stretches of lonely highway, gorgeous desert sunsets, and proximity to the bay, Elk Grove is home to a thriving biker community. Whether you are a first-time rider, a long-time biker, or someone who is interested in exploring the world of motorcycles, it is imperative that you understand how to safely operate and ride a motorcycle.

As an Elk Grove personal injury lawyer since 1982, I’ve had occasion to represent hundred’s of motorcyclist’s and their families and discover quite a bit about motorcycle accidents.

1. A motorcyclist is 30 times more likely to die in a highway accident than is an occupant of a car or SUV.  This is thought to be because of the lack of protection of the motorcyclist and the failure of other drivers to see the motorcyclist.

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