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Evaluating Product Warnings

Evaluating product warnings is an important part of maintaining consumer safety. Companies are taken to task when product manufacturing, design or warnings are inadequate. It is essential to evaluate the product warning thoroughly prior to filing a claim against the manufacturer if a client was injured. Inadequate product warnings have many forms, so it is important to retain an experienced attorney with the resources to obtain effective expert counsel. Let’s look at some of the criteria an attorney can use in evaluating product warnings.

Pressure Cooker Explosion Burn Injuries

Every day, people suffer severe injuries while using household products. In some cases, these injuries could lead to lifelong complications. These issues can make it hard to resume their everyday routine. According to statistics on unintentional injuries that have been published by the National Safety Council:

Weed Killer Recipes Without Roundup™

It was 1970 when Monsanto chemist John Franz made a groundbreaking discovery that changed the course of weed killing as we know it. He figured out that glyphosate was an incredibly strong herbicide that can kill virtually any type of plant material out there. Shortly after the company’s discovery, they branded their “miracle” weed killer product under the name Roundup™.

Guide to Product Liability in Sacramento California

Guide to Product Liability in Sacramento California

In a world where millions of consumer products are sold every day, injuries due to defects are common. There are rules that govern the distribution and production of tangible goods, however, product safety is difficult to ensure. Because of this, millions of unsuspecting individuals are injured and killed due to defective products. Product liability law is different from other types of personal injury cases. When an injury or death due to a defective product happens, it is vital that an attorney with experience in such cases is consulted. Let’s take a look at what product liability is, the different types of defects and elements of responsibility.


Loose Caboose

I’m Ed Smith, a Products Liability Lawyer in Sacramento. Defective or improperly installed trailer hitches can pose a serious risk for accidents resulting in traumatic or even fatal injuries. In California, the safety and installation of hitching equipment is controlled by the legal code-in accident cases involving trailers, these laws can help injured parties recover damages.

Trailer Hitch Sacramento
I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Products Liability Lawyer. Improperly installed defective trailer hitches can cause serious accidents with catastrophic and even fatal injuries. Both commercial and private vehicles are at risk for this sort of accident, no matter the size of their cargo.

Trailer Decoupling

File:Bus 220916 gnangarra-1003.JPG

Driverless Bus Hit by Semi

I’m Ed Smith, an Autonomous Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Sacramento. Within two hours of its Las Vegas debut on November 8, the nation’s first self-driving bus was involved in a minor collision with a semi-truck. According to police, the truck driver was at fault.

Ford Explorer Recall

An investigation into allegations that Ford Explorers are leaking carbon monoxide into passenger compartments has recently been expanded to include over a million Ford vehicles. The latest probe is in response to reports that the leakage has been responsible for injuries.


California Laws for Defective Products

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento products liability lawyer. California is one of the most consumer friendly states. It adheres to the legal doctrine of strict liability that holds a company or a person liable for damages due to a defective product whether or not negligence has occurred. Liability in this instance involves all persons or companies from the manufacturer through to distributors and retailers. Even though proving negligence is not mandatory, the plaintiff (the person who was injured) must prove the product was defective.

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