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Why Bikers Don’t Wear High Visibility Gear

We’ve been told motorcycle high visibility gear saves lives. Yet, for the most part, bikers don’t wear it. What is it about the gear that causes bikers to turn away? Some wear it only under certain circumstances, others find it goes against the image of a biker, and some prefer certain fashion styles. Let’s take a look at why this reluctance to wear high visibility gear exists and how to group riders according to their preferences. Learning which styles might be acceptable to certain groups may help promote the use of high visibility gear and help motorcyclists avoid serious injuries.

  • LiveWire – Harley-Davidson’s New Electric Motorcycle Debuts

Harley-Davidson, the iconic motorcycle manufacturer, is looking toward the future with its new electric LiveWire. With an aging population of bikers, the company is looking to attract younger riders as well as older ones with this innovative speed machine. Much lighter weight than a traditional Harley and with a more limited range, it may not be the best machine for a trip across the country. However, for those who enjoy the sensation of a fast vehicle with a top speed of 110 mph and are looking toward a sustainable way to travel, this fits the bill. 

Degloving Injuries Treatment and Recovery

Body locations of degloving injuries play an essential role in the treatment process and eventual recovery. While some injuries might be minor, others can be severe and could require surgery. There are several locations that a degloving injury might occur. Some of these include:

What is a Lunate Dislocation? 

Lunate dislocation is a severe hand injury that could lead to significant complications. The lunate is one of the bones of the hand. All of these bones need to work together to allow the hand to move smoothly. The function of the hand depends on its ability to make small movements and adjustments. If any of these bones, such as the lunate, are dislocated, this could place the entire function of the hand at risk. Some of the ways that someone might suffer dislocation of the lunate include:

Sacramento Motorcycle Collision on State Route 99

A Sacramento motorcycle collision that led to serious injuries on State Route 99 happened on May 10 at about 1:25 p.m. It occurred just south of the 12th Avenue off-ramp. According to a California Highway Patrol (CHP) representative, it involved a white Jeep and a motorcycle. The Jeep was said to be changing lanes when the collision occurred. The injured party was transported by ambulance to the UC Davis Medical Center for further evaluation and treatment. The accident was said to be causing a traffic hazard immediately after it happened. The CHP is currently investigating the accident. However, at this time there is no word about who was at fault.

Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

The causes of motorcycle accidents are varied. They range from the lack of stability inherent in a two-wheel vehicle to the speed these motorcycles are capable of reaching. Motorcyclists suffer many injuries due to the lack of structural protection unlike drivers of other motor vehicles. Yet, with all these problems, motorcycles also provide some of the best tools needed to avoid accidents. For example, they possess powerful brakes, maneuverability, and superb tires. The biker is able to see around him in a way that is envied by motorists with an obstructed view of the road. Bikers also have the ability to outwit the causes of motorcycle accidents with their skills and knowledge of how to avoid dangerous situations. Let’s look at the top causes of motorcycle accidents and what to do if they occur.

National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) is asking motorists and bike riders to share the road. The CHP is using a $625,000 grant to help riders stay safe. Events through their Get Educated and Ride Safe (GEARS) program will work on promoting motorcycle safety. It’s time to make sure your motorcycle is in tip-top shape and to polish your skills as a rider. In celebration of motorcycle safety, motorists also need to play their part. Let’s take an in-depth look at motorcycle use and what you need to do to ride safely.

Motorcycle Accident Injury in Sacramento

A Sacramento motorcycle accident injury happened along Gold Express Drive on March 16 that resulted in serious harm to the rider. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident occurred shortly before 8:00 in the morning along eastbound Gold Express Drive just west of Gold Meadow Way. The area is located near Fair Oaks and north of the Lincoln Highway. It occurred when a black motorcycle was involved in a collision with a Hyundai. The roadway was blocked for a short time by the crash. The CHP did not report what hospital the rider was transported to, nor was there any information on what caused the accident.

The MAIDS Report on Motorcycle Accidents

People rely on many different modes of transportation to get from place to place. Whether it is going to work, attending school, or running errands around town, it is vital for everyone to get from place to place safely. While many people rely on cars to do this, some choose to ride motorcycles. Whether it is a comfort issue, a cost issue, or simply a personal preference, bikes are common. Unfortunately, the same is true of motorcycle accidents. Furthermore, these collisions are more common than many people might think. According to statistics that have been published by the Insurance Information Institute (III):