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The Most Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

When it comes to riding a motorcycle, safety always needs to come first. While motorcycle safety gear is designed to protect every part of the body, some injuries are more likely than others. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a report detailing the most common injuries that someone might sustain in a motorcycle accident. Over an eight-year period, the CDC studied more than 1.2 million people who sought medical care following a motorcycle collision. The researchers went through the medical records of these individuals and divided the injuries by location on the body. The results will help everyone understand which body parts are most vulnerable to harm in a motorcycle accident.

Severe Rib Fracture

An extrapleural hematoma is a severe complication that can develop following a blunt chest injury that leads to a rib fracture. Individuals can sustain a direct chest injury in a variety of ways. One of the most common is in a motorcycle accident or a car accident, where someone strikes the steering wheel or dashboard. Blunt chest injuries can also be seen in physical assaults or certain contact sports. Major impacts from blunt chest injuries can lead to a rib fracture, which might cause an extrapleural hematoma.

Common Motorcycle Defects 

Motorcycle defects have the potential to lead to severe accidents. Every part of the motorcycle needs to do its job properly. If anything goes wrong with the engine, brakes, headlights, or handlebars, it can cause someone to lose control of the motorbike. This can lead to a major accident.

Foothill Farms Intersection Accident Injures Motorcyclist

A Foothill Farms accident on December 24, 2019, left a motorcyclist seriously injured in an intersection. The accident occurred at the crossroads of Garfield Avenue and Keoncrest Circle around 5:47 p.m., according to the traffic accident report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived at the scene to assess the motorcyclist’s injuries. The patient was transported to a nearby hospital for further assessment and treatment. The CHP is investigating the accident to determine how it happened. As of the time of this report, there is no word as to why the accident occurred or if drugs or alcohol were involved.

Experiencing Pain During a Motorcycle Ride

Feeling pain while riding a motorcycle is a serious issue. If someone suffers a sudden cramp while riding a motorcycle, he or she might have trouble controlling the bike. This might cause a severe collision that might have otherwise been avoided. Some of the most common motorcycle riding pains include a hand cramp, back spasms, and leg pain.

Dangerous Motorcycle Modifications 

Motorcycles are great for both transportation and recreation, and many riders like to take steps to make their ride unique. While there are many ways to personalize a motorcycle, modifications can be dangerous and may threaten the safety of not only the rider but also other people on the road. For this reason, everyone needs to understand the dangers of motorcycle modifications. There are a few standard modifications that can place the rider in harm’s way.

Early Investigation and Expert Witness in Motorcycle Accident Claims 

Following a motorcycle accident in California, your first priority should be to obtain emergency medical treatment for your injuries. At the same time, you or your loved ones should reach out to a dependable Roseville motorcycle accident attorney who can carry out a timely and detailed investigation to build a robust personal injury case for your compensation from the at-fault party.

Motorcycle Rider’s Duty of Care on the Road

The California Vehicle Code defines a motorcycle as a motor vehicle with a saddle or seat for the rider’s use, which has up to three wheels and weighs a maximum of 1,500 pounds. If the motorcycle has a sidecar, it could have four wheels in all, according to the Code.

Study Examines Motorcycle Accident Costs 

New research showed that motorcycle accident costs, on average, are substantially higher than other motor vehicle collisions. Some people might be surprised by this because motorcycles are smaller than other motor vehicles. The study also showed that severe injuries are far more likely to occur in motorcycle accidents than in other motor vehicle collisions. These injuries can lead to costly medical bills that drive up the cost of the crash. This sheds some critical light on the severe impacts that might result from an accident involving a motorcycle.