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Motorcycle Crash in Rio Linda Causes Major Injuries

A motorcycle crash on November 24 in Rio Linda caused serious injuries to the rider who was left lying in the road by a hit and run driver. The motorcyclist, 22, was hit by a pickup truck after midnight in the vicinity of Front and M streets. The injured motorcyclist has been identified as Douglas Slabbekorn. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the blue pickup was raised up on its frame and was tentatively identified as a Dodge Ram. The pickup sustained damage to the front end and the right passenger side. Slabbekorn was rushed to the hospital with a fractured leg, internal bleeding and a collapsed lung. 

Motorcycle Rider Injured in Crash With Bus

On November 22, a motorcycle rider was injured in a crash with a transit bus along Interstate 80 in North Sacramento. The accident occurred around 4:55 in the afternoon, just east of the Northgate Boulevard off-ramp, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) along the left-hand side in the number one lane. A tow truck arrived to remove the motorcycle, while the rider was transported by emergency responders to Mercy San Juan Medical Center for undescribed injuries. An investigation into the accident by officers with the CHP will determine how it occurred and assign fault.

Sacramento Motorcycle Crash Reported Along SR 51

A serious motorcycle crash resulting in an injury to the rider occurred on November 1 along State Route 51 and the Arden Way on-ramp in Sacramento shortly before 10:00 in the evening. According to the report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident occurred when a motorcycle crashed into a vehicle. The accident blocked the fast lane of the road, and the motorcyclist was found lying there. It was reported by an eyewitness that the vehicle was struck by the motorcycle, and then it fled the scene. A tow truck operator at the accident site to pick up the sportbike the cyclist had been riding reported that the rider was trying to find his helmet and said he did not remember being involved in a crash. When and if the passenger vehicle driver is located, they may be charged with hit and run. 

Comprehensive Approach to Motorcycle Accident Recovery

The process of motorcycle accident recovery can be a long one. Because of the lack of protection between a motorcycle rider and the road, even a seemingly minor motorcycle collision can be severe. Even though there has been a lot of focus on using a helmet, wearing the appropriate protective clothing, and riding in safe conditions, serious injuries can still happen. When someone suffers a traumatic injury in a motorcycle accident, the overall process can take years. Because of this, everyone needs to think about the process of motorcycle accident recovery.

Airbag for Bike

The company Airbag for Bike recently announced that it is seeking a patent on full-body airbags that might save countless lives when it reaches the open market. Prior research has shown that motorcycle accidents are far deadlier than their passenger vehicle counterparts. There are more safety advances in passenger vehicles than motorcycles, including airbags. The invention from Airbag for Bike may make its way to the mainstream market soon. The company has released a digital animation of its innovative airbag design, stating that it might open the motorcycle market to those who were hesitant to ride one without advanced safety features.

Memory Lapse Plays a Role in Motorcycle Accidents

According to a recently published research study, memory lapse may play a role in motorcycle accidents. Because motorcycles have a much smaller visual profile than their larger sedan counterparts, they are easily overlooked or forgotten on the open road. If drivers forget about the motorcycle on the road, it is easy for them to be struck.

Motorcycle Patrol Officer Suffers Major Injuries on Highway 99

A California Highway motorcycle patrol officer was seriously injured on September 27 when his vehicle collided with a Dodge minivan as he was attempting to change lanes. He was transported to UC Davis Medical Center with major injuries. The accident happened on northbound Highway 99 in the area north of Fruitridge Road at approximately 6:15 in the morning. The CHP reported that the motorcycle patrol officer, who has not yet been identified, has been a member of the department for 10 years. Traffic was halted after two northbound lanes of Highway 99 near the accident site between Fruitridge Road and 47th Street were closed. The northbound lanes were reopened shortly before 10 a.m.  

Laying Down a Motorcycle is Risky

One of the common ways that riders do to avoid a serious motorcycle accident is laying down their bike. Many people have heard the familiar story that precedes this type of accident. An experienced rider takes his motorcycle out for a spin. Then, a car pulls out in front of the rider without warning. To avoid getting hurt, the rider lays down the bike to prevent from hitting the other vehicle. By doing this, a rider might have avoided potentially catastrophic injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury.

Burn Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident can lead to numerous injuries and one of the most common is a severe burn. Those who ride motorcycles have minimal protection between themselves and the pavement. This lack of protection makes them particularly susceptible to serious injuries, including burns. Like other injuries, burns can range in severity. It is important for everyone who rides a motorcycle to understand how burns can happen in a motorcycle accident and what the consequences of this serious injury might be.

Rider Injured in Sacramento Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident in Sacramento resulted in injuries to the rider on September 5. The accident happened at about 7:00 in the evening at the intersection of Kiefer Boulevard and Bradshaw Road in the vicinity of Rosemont High School. According to a report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), a passenger vehicle and the motorcycle were involved in the crash. Emergency transport was requested, and the motorcyclist was taken to UC Davis Medical Center for evaluation and treatment. Early reports described the rider’s injuries as minor; however, no further updates were issued. An investigation into the cause of the motorcycle accident is ongoing at this time.