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July 11, 2015
Edward Smith

Photo by Chris Liu-Beers on Unsplash

What is Average Daily Traffic Volume?

Average daily traffic volume is the number of vehicles that pass a particular point during a specified day and/or time period.

How is it calculated?

There are different methods used for counting traffic volumes.

1) Machine/Automatic Counting (imbedded in the roadway or laying a top the roadway)

2) Manual/Observation Count (an individual manually counts the traffic)

A simple and useful way to determine how busy a particular road may be is simply by measuring the volume of traffic that takes place on that road on any given day.

Why does it matter?  It matters because knowing the traffic volumes on major and surrounding roads in Elk Grove may positively or negatively affect our movement to and from a particular destination.  It is very helpful for us to know which roads are most congested so that we may choose to use an alternate (safer and/or less congested) route.  

The City of Elk Grove’s Transportation Department has collected the data below in its August 2014’s Average Daily Traffic (ADT) Survey.

 Street              From                           To                            Dir1    Count1   Dir2   Count2    Total

Sheldon Rd      City Limit                      Bruceville Rd                 E          2,900    W        8,100   11,000

Sheldon Rd      Bruceville Rd.              SR-99                              E          9,100   W     12,200    21,300

Sheldon Rd      SR-99                          Power Inn Rd                  E        13,700    W    15,000    28,700

Sheldon Rd      Power Inn Rd             Elk-Grove Florin         E        11,800    W    11,300     23,100

Sheldon Rd      Elk Grove Florin      Waterman Rd.              E        14,100   W      7,600     21,700

Laguna Bl       I-5                                   Harbour Point Dr     E        14,200    W    14,100     28,300

Laguna Bl       Harbour Point Dr       Franklin Blvd.           E        15,000    W    19,600     34,600

Laguna Bl       Franklin Blvd.             Bruceville Rd             E        20,200    W    17,200     37,400

Laguna Bl       Bruceville Rd               Laguna Springs       E        21,000    W    26,200     47,200

Laguna Bl       Laguna Springs       SR-99                           E        21,500   W    23,300     44,800

Bond Rd          SR-99                          E Stockton Bl              E        19,100    W   19,400      38,500

Bond Rd          E Stockton Bl             Elk Grove Florin      E        16,700   W   18,100      34,800

Bond Rd          Elk Grove Florin      Waterman Rd           E        13,100   W   11,500      24,600

Bond Rd          Waterman Rd              Bradshaw Rd         E          4,000   W     5,800        9,800

Bond Rd          Bradshaw Rd              Grant Line Rd         E          5,900    W     5,300      11,200

Elk Grove Bl   1-5                               Harbour Point Dr     E        12,100   W   13,400      25,500

Elk Grove Bl   Harbour Point Dr       Franklin Bl             E        10,500   W   15,800     26,300

Elk Grove Bl   Franklin Bl                  Bruceville Rd            E        16,600   W   16,600     33,200

Elk Grove Bl   Bruceville Rd               Laguna Springs     E        20,500   W   23,100     43,600

Elk Grove Bl   Laguna Springs Dr      SR-99                     E        22,400   W   32,800     55,200

Elk Grove Bl   SR-99                         E Stockton Bl            E        16,300   W   10,700     27,000

Elk Grove Bl   E Stockton Bl               Elk Grove Florin   E       13,600   W   12,400     26,000

Elk Grove Bl   Elk Grove Florin      Waterman Rd         E          8,600   W    8,500     17,100

Whitelock         Franklin Blvd          Franklin High W   E          5,700   W   7,100      12,800

Whitelock        Franklin High E         Bruceville Rd       E          8,400   W   9,100      17,500

Whitelock           Bruceville Rd             Big Horn Bl        E          8,100    W        3,600   11,700

Kammerer        Bruceville Rd        Promenade Pky     E          4,000   W       3,200      7,200

Grant Line       Promenade Pky        E. Stockton Bl      E         8,300   W       9,800    18,100

Grant Line        E Stockton                  Waterman          E       13,000    W      9,400     22,400

Grant Line       Waterman Rd             Elk Grove Bl        E         9,400    W       6,700     16,100

Harbour Pt      Laguna Bl                  Galen Dr                N        5,500    S        7,300    12,800

Harbour Pt      Galen Dr                    Elk Grove Bl          N        4,300    S        4,000      8,300

Franklin Bl      City Limit                   Big Horn Bl           N      10,000    S        9,900      19,900

Franklin Bl      Big Horn Bl                Laguna Bl              N      12,900    S      11,900      24,800

Franklin Bl      Laguna Bl                  Elk Grove Bl          N       9,800     S      10,400      20,200

Franklin Bl      Elk Grove Bl              Whitelock Pky       N       9,700     S      10,000      19,700

Willard Pky     Whitelock Pky             Bilby Rd               N       3,700     S      3,100         6,800

Bruceville Rd   City Limit                   Big Horn Bl          N     13,400     S     17,600       31,000

Bruceville Rd   Big Horn Bl                Laguna Bl            N     12,600     S       7,100       19,700

Bruceville Rd   Laguna Bl                  Elk Grove Bl        N     12,700     S     15,300       28,000

Bruceville Rd   Elk Grove Bl              Whitelock Pky       N     10,700     S     11,700       22,400

Bruceville Rd   Whitelock Pky             Bilby                     N       3,900     S       4,700        8,600

Bruceville Rd    Bilby Rd                    Kammerer Rd       N      3,300      N      3,900         7,200

Big Horn Bl      Franklin Bl                Bruceville Rd         E      7,100       W     7,100       14,200

Big Horn Bl      Bruceville Rd             Laguna Bl              E      7,600       W     6,900       14,500

Big Horn Bl      Laguna Bl                 Elk Grove Bl         N      8,000      S      7,500       15,500

Big Horn Bl      Elk Grove Bl             Whitelock Pky        N      5,400      S      6,000       11,400

Lewis Stein       Sheldon Rd                Big Horn Bl             N      5,500      S      4,400         9,900

Laguna Spgs     Laguna Bl                 Elk Grove Bl           N      5,900      S      6,400       12,300

Laguna Spgs     Elk Grove Bl             Lotz Parkway         N      3,300      S      2,500         5,800

E Stockton Bl     Sheldon Rd                Bond Rd                 N     3,500       S      2,700         6,200

E Stockton Bl    Bond Rd                     Elk Grove Bl           N     3,300       S      4,100         7,400

E Stockton Bl    Elk Grove Florin       Grant Line Rd        N     4,600       S     2,800         7,400

Power Inn       Geneva Pt Dr             Sheldon Rd             N     5,400       S     4,600       10,000

Elk Grove Fl   Calvine Rd                 Sheldon Rd             N   15,000       S   15,400       30,400

Waterman Rd  Sheldon Rd                 Bond Rd                N     5,900       S     4,800       10,700

Bradshaw Rd  Sheldon Rd                  Bond Rd                 N     5,200       S    5,200       10,400

Bradshaw Rd  Bond Rd                      Elk Grove Bl           N    4,300        S    4,400         8,700

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 Photo by Chris Liu-Beers on Unsplash