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Most dog bites cause puncture wounds, lacerations or abrasions to the skin. Because animals have bacteria in their mouth, one of the most common problems following an animal bite is an infection. Medical treatment after a dog bite of any kind, is necessary in minimizing the chance of developing severe problems from the bite.  Factors that contribute to the infection rate include the type and location of the wound, health condition of the victim bitten and the extent of the delay in treatment.

Common Types of Bite Wounds at Increased Risk of Developing an Infection

Think your cat’s love nips are harmless? Think again. According to Mercury News, cat bites can be more serious than you might have expected.

Feline bites can become more prone to infections from the bacteria found in cats know as Pasteurella multocida. This bacteria can mix with the bacteria found in human skin named Staphylococcus and streptococcus and sometimes can even become deadly. MedStar Georgetown University Hospital reported that close to 50 percent of all feline bites become infected