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The Safety of Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets aren’t a complete preventative against facial and head trauma. A study was done that looked at helmet type and its relationship to rider protection. The study was a retrospective one looking at patients with traumatic brain injury, facial fractures and facial injuries, along with the type of helmet used.

Head injuries are a common cause of death in motor vehicle accidents. They often result from unbelted drivers or passengers who are ejected from the vehicle. These head injuries also occur to seat-belted passengers or even the driver when stuck directly, usually with a bigger vehicle such as an SUV or truck. Pedestrians can be struck by a motor vehicle and this can also lead to a head injury.

In the US, someone sustains a traumatic brain injury every 23 seconds. This is about 2 million people per year. Three hundred thousand people will need to be hospitalized because of head injuries and 99,000 will have a long lasting disability. A total of 56,000 people will die in the US per year. About 34 percent of all injuries resulting in death are due to a head injury.

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