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Knee Fracture Symptoms

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November 21, 2016
Edward Smith

Knee Fracture Symptoms

Knee-Fracture Symptoms

Knee Fracture Symptoms

As personal accident lawyers we know that there is a risk of getting into a car crash anytime someone gets behind the wheel. No matter how careful we are — auto accidents happen every day. Sometimes they are not our fault. Car accidents range in severity from parking lot dings to serious, multi-car collisions. Whenever a car comes to a sudden stop, it is possible that someone could sustain a traumatic injury. One of the more common injuries is a knee fracture. Knee fracture symptoms can vary depending on the severity and location of the fracture along the knee. Therefore, it is important that everyone understands the circumstances surrounding a knee fracture.

How Knee Fractures Occur During Car Accident

When a car comes to a sudden stop, the driver or passenger will continue to move forward in their seat because of momentum. This is where the seatbelt is key because it will prevent a driver or passenger from flying out of their seat into the dashboard or through the windshield. This can cause serious injuries that may even kill a person; however, even if a person is wearing their seatbelt, they will still jerk forward slightly. Sometimes, people’s knees can strike the dashboard. If the force is great enough, this can cause a person to sustain knee fractures.

Knee Fracture Symptoms

Knee fracture symptoms will vary depending on the location and severity of the injury. People will certainly experience pain around the injured knee and have trouble walking due to the pain. Depending on the other associated injuries, such as a torn ligament, damaged nerves, or perforated blood vessels, the person may be unable to walk altogether. The patient may experience decreased sensation if a nerve is damaged. If a vessel has been torn, there will be significant bruising. The symptoms of the fracture itself are similar to other fractures and include pain and trouble using the affected bone.

Diagnosing a Knee Fracture

During the physical exam, the doctor will palpate around the knee to assess for pain and other knee fracture symptoms. The doctor will also ask the patient to bend the knee in multiple directions. This doesn’t just assess for the fracture, but also assesses for damage to associated ligaments. The doctor will also test sensation along the knee to ensure the nerves are intact. The doctor will then order an x-ray from multiple angles to make sure that all fractures have been identified and to grade the severity of the fractures for proper development of a treatment plan. If there is any concern for nerve, vessel, or ligament damage, an MRI will be ordered to assess for these injuries.

Treatment of Knee Fracture

The treatment of a knee fracture will depend on the severity. If the bones are not out of place or completely broken then no surgery is required. If bones need to be put back into place or if there are any associated nerve, ligament, or blood vessel damage, then surgery is required. Recovery time will vary depending on the severity of the fracture and any required surgery but is generally weeks to months. Most people regain full use of their knee.

Knee Injuries are Common and Easy to Prove

Knee injuries are common in car accidents. While they are easy to prove, they are typically undervalued by insurance companies. That is why you need an experienced injury attorney in your corner and fighting for you now and also in the future should any complications occur.

Knee Fracture Injury Lawyers

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