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Accident Near San Mateo-Hayward Bridge Claims Lives of Two Women

A big rig crash in Foster City on Highway 92 westbound near the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge claimed the lives of two women on August 5. The collision occurred around 9:45 a.m., according to a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The incident report stated that there were three women going west in a Ford Fusion, and they had just exited the bridge when the vehicle passed across the highway lanes and hit a parked big rig on the shoulder of the road. The Ford then went into a ditch. 

Big Rig Load Requirements

While big rigs for the most part look fairly uniform, they are capable of carrying a variety of items. Each truck has its own unique system for how to load and unload freight, how to store it while en route to its final destination, how to organize it, and any other special considerations necessary, such as refrigeration. When a business contracts with a truck driving company to have goods delivered, it wants these goods delivered in the same exact condition they were in when they were received by the truck driver initially. Therefore, the trucking industry follows a variety of different procedures for securing loads to protect the cargo.

Securing Loads Can Save Lives

However, there is another crucial reason for securing cargo. Improperly secured loads can be dangerous to other drivers on the road. Flatbed trucks with open-air tractors often rely on bungee cords, ropes, cables, and ties to secure loose items, while regular 18-wheelers have enclosed tractor-trailers. However, both types of trucks run the risk of injuring other drivers during an accident or even causing the accident itself.

Improperly secured loads may occur when:

  • Loose cargo is not securely fastened to an open-air truck with adequate ties
  • An 18 wheeler’s doors are not properly shut and locked, allowing loose cargo to fly out of the trailer
  • The truck is overloaded
  • The freight on an open-air truck is not properly positioned, causing clearance issues for other cars, tunnels, bridges, overpasses, and more

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Southbound Highway 5 Regrinding
Southbound Highway 5 Evidence Gone

While you were sleeping the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) was out regrinding sections of Southbound Highway 5.  This is the area of highway that has seen too many traffic accidents lately. Especially, during wet and rainy weather. One of those accidents included a tragic fatality of an innocent Elk Grove man. This, when a Federal Express truck lost control of his big rig and crashed through the center divider and into oncoming traffic. This accident happened on December 10, 2015.  On December 21, 2015 a similar accident happened. In that incident, no one lost their life. But again, the truck driver lost control of his vehicle along the same stretch of treacherous highway.

Big Rig Driver Forgiven
Family of Man Killed in Truck Accident Forgives Big Rig Driver 

A family from Santa Cruz who tragically lost their son in a big rig crash last year has decided to forgive the at fault driver.  On Friday, December 11, 2015 family members of the man killed asked a judge not to sentence the truck driver to a jail term.  The family of Daniel McGuire love and miss him very much. Daniel died in July of 2014, in a tragic big rig accident, while driving on Highway 17 in Santa Cruz. The big rig driver involved in the crash that ended Daniel’s life said that his brakes had failed as he was driving down a hill. The big rig hit other cars and trucks during the accident. The big rig eventually jack-knifed and crashed through a guard rail.

Southbound Highway 5 Regrinding
Southbound Highway 5 Regrinding

Yesterday we told you about the Southbound Highway 5 Closure at Seamus Road in Sacramento. The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) was out there conducting skid testing after a series of big accidents which we also told you about.  A tragic fatality accident occurred along this stretch of highway.

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