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Dog Food Spill on Interstate 5 Hampers Traffic

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento accident lawyer. A semi dumped dog food on Interstate 5 when it overturned on Sunday, all but halting traffic heading north for about six hours. The accident, which the truck driver said was caused by a hit and run, is still under investigation.

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Compartment Syndrome

I’m Ed Smith, a Personal injury lawyer in Sacramento. Compartment syndrome is a common complication from serious injuries and can have devastating consequences if diagnosis is delayed. Compartment syndrome is possible in most compartments of the body but most common in the extremities such as the arms, legs, forearms and hands. The forearms and hands have more compartments to be affected following trauma or injury such as bone fractures. If any acute swelling occurs in the area this is your first possible sign of having compartment syndrome.

Fun Things to Do in SacramentoFun Things to do in Sacramento

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer. If you are thinking of heading to Sacramento, California on a family vacation or as a romantic weekend getaway, there are so many interesting and unique things to do. From museums to night life and everything in between. No matter what your interests are or who you are going with, there is just something special about Sacramento. Even if you have lived here your whole life, hopefully there are still a few things on this list that you have never heard of or been to before. It can still be exciting to explore your own hometown. So, here are some of the best and most exciting things to do in Sacramento, no matter what you are into. 

Staying Safe While Keeping Home Fires Burning
Staying Safe While Keeping Home Fires Burning

Staying safe while keeping home fires burning begins with a smoke detector. Having a properly installed and operating smoke detector saves lives. Whether we are asleep or awake we are pretty confident it is working to protect us.  So we continue to stoke our fireplaces and wood burning stoves. We continue to breathe in the fragrant aroma of our well-watered Christmas trees. We can even bake cookies galore and roast another holiday bird. Perhaps even burn that bird. Right?

As a Sacramento Brain Injury Attorney, as well as a Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, I am frequently asked by both clients and non-clients alike about what to expect if asked to give a deposition.

You may, or may not be a Justin Bieber fan.  I personally like Jackie Greene and Mumbo  But you should definitely not be a fan of Justin Bieber’s deposition style!

health insurance in personal injury claimsMy personal injury law firm has represented a great many people over the years who have been injured in motorcycle accidents and automobile accidents.  One somewhat difficult aspect of the profession is determining, and measuring, how much pain any one individual suffers as a result of injuries caused by trauma.

The Complexities of Measuring and Defining Pain

Head_CT_scanRecognizing a post- concussion syndrome (PCS) case is often the most difficult aspect of representing people suffering a closed head injury.

Assessment of such cases requires attorneys and intake staff to understand the basic aspects of the medicine behind such injuries, the sympotomolgy that often accompanies these injuries, as well as to recognize how to develop the damages in the case. One key aspect in evaluation of a PCS case is the understanding that the potential client may not be able to aid in recognizing or developing your understanding of the injury the he or she has sustained. As a result of their injuries, PCS clients are generally unaware that they have sustained a closed head injury nor do they appreciate the impact of the injury upon their lives. In many cases the consequences of such an injury are quite subtle and difficult to detect in casual conversation.

On August 23, 2015, a man was killed and six other people were taken to area hospitals following a three-car collision in the Arden-Arcade area.  The incident took place a little after noon on Sunday on the Alta Arden Expressway. Alta Arden between Wright Street and Fulton Avenue was closed down for a period of time following the collision.

According to police, a Hyundai Santa Fe that was traveling southbound on Wyda Way ran a stop sign and entered the intersection with Alta Arden, colliding with the passenger side of a Chrysler Town & Country that had been traveling westbound through the intersection.  The impact caused the driver of the Chrysler to lose control of the vehicle and slam into a Toyota Sienna minivan that was traveling eastbound on Alta Arden.

car accidentEach crash possesses its own characteristics that can make the difference between an accident with no injury and an accident with serious injury.  An accurate assessment of the actual forces from a collision requires the skills of an expert engineer. The potential risk of injury, however, can be roughly estimated by examining the following variables:

1. The angle of the collision. Was the patient’s car hit straight on, from the side, or at some angle? The angle of collision will play a large role in determining what forces were placed upon the neck and head, and what tissues were damaged from these forces. A straight on impact will generally be less hazardous than a collision from an angle, as the spine may be twisted in an off-center impact.

shiny-brain-1254880-mTinnitus is a common symptom from a traumatic brain injury following an auto or motorcycle accident.  I have represented clients over the years who have suffered hearing loss or damage resulting from a head injury.  Often times, a deployed airbag can cause an inner ear injury.

Tinnitus is best defined as any sensation of a sound that does not arise from a source external to the person who experiences the sound. Although tinnitus is most often perceived as “a ringing in the ears,” a variety of other sounds, such as buzzing, humming, whistling, clicking, or roaring, may be heard.

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