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Yuba City Power Restoration After Rainy Day Collision

PG&E has restored power for over 1,600 customers after Monday’s outage. The cause of this outage was linked to a broken power line after a vehicle collided with a pole. The driver of the vehicle was said to be traveling at an unsafe speed for rainy conditions.

On August 23, 2015, a man was killed and six other people were taken to area hospitals following a three-car collision in the Arden-Arcade area.  The incident took place a little after noon on Sunday on the Alta Arden Expressway. Alta Arden between Wright Street and Fulton Avenue was closed down for a period of time following the collision.

According to police, a Hyundai Santa Fe that was traveling southbound on Wyda Way ran a stop sign and entered the intersection with Alta Arden, colliding with the passenger side of a Chrysler Town & Country that had been traveling westbound through the intersection.  The impact caused the driver of the Chrysler to lose control of the vehicle and slam into a Toyota Sienna minivan that was traveling eastbound on Alta Arden.

Brain Injuries, Personality Changes and Motorcycle Accidents  An unfortunate and common symptom from a traumatic brain injury following an auto or motorcycle accident are personality changes.  I have represented many clients over the years with these types of injuries and they can have a substantial effect on one’s life and relationships with others.

“Organic” personality changes are the most common physically based psychiatric sequelae of moderate or severe head trauma. Mild head injury (post concussion syndrome) may alter personality in the direction of affective instability, poor impulse control, apathy, or other changes. Severe outbursts of aggression or rage are found only in the earliest, confusional stages of mild head injury and generally resolve within the first two or three weeks of recovery.

Accident Scene Photos

Taking Photos at the Accident Scene

With nearly everyone carrying smartphones these days, it is usually quite convenient to get good quality accident scene photos.  Remembering to snap key photos at the scene can be very helpful to any sort of damage claim that arises from the accident.  There are certain things that are helpful to document after an automobile accident:

If you are struck and injured by a vehicle that jumped a curb while walking or standing on a sidewalk you certainly have an injury case against the driver and owner of the vehicle.

What if you are hit and hurt while using an ATM machine along a sidewalk, or standing at an outdoor takeout window, or in line waiting to enter a restaurant?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has stricter guidelines for children in car seats than most states.  California is one of the most stringent in terms of state laws for children.  According to California law, a child must be in a booster seat until they reach age 8, or a certain height.  Violations of this standard will result in the driver being fined.  Other states that require car seats to age 8 are Maryland, Texas, Maine, New Jersey and Washington.

The reason for these car seat laws is that the standard adult seat belt does not fit a small child correctly.  To avoid more serious injuries, the lap belt should not sit at the abdomen, but rest at the upper thighs/pelvic area.  The shoulder harness should sit across the chest from the shoulder, not from the neck.  A booster seat ensures that the seatbelt hits the proper bodily areas.


Crash Testing Minicars

In recent crash testing, minicars (such as Fiat 500 and Honda Fit) were the worst-performing group with regard to safety in the small overlap frontal crash test.  Only one minicar achieved an acceptable rating in that category, the Chevrolet Spark.  That particular test measures the result of a front corner of one vehicle in a collision with another vehicle or object.  Twenty-five percent of the tested vehicles’ front end comes in to contact with a set obstacle at 40 miles per hour.  The small overlap front crash test bypasses the tested vehicle’s front end crush zone, making it more likely for the occupant’s compartment to collapse in the collision.

social media
Whether we like it or not social media is here to stay. Social media has changed the landscape of human society in many ways.  It has impacted how humans communicate with each other and what we share with each other.  It has changed the marketing industry. Social media posts have increasingly been used in lawsuits and may be subject to discovery.  (The definition for discovery in the legal sense means ‘the compulsory disclosure, by a party of an action, of relevant documents referred to by the other party’.)  The issues surrounding social media and lawsuits will continue to be a hotly debated subject in the courtrooms for decades to come and the law regarding social will likely continue to change.  This blog will provide a basic review of some cases involving the discovery of social media posts and how this can impact your case.

For a long time, the use of social media was associated with youth.  Initially, social medial was almost exclusively used by the 15-25 age group.  Statistics published in 2015 show this is no longer the case.  It is believed there is approximately 154 million users of social media. While 28.3% of users are 18-24, the largest group, 35.3% of users are between the age of 25-34.   Nearly as large of a group are users aged 35-44 with 29% of the market.  While those 65+ only made up 14.6% of users it has been noted that every year the amount of users in this age category is growing.  Of the many social media platforms that exist, Facebook continues to have the lion’s share of users.  A basic understanding of social media and lawsuits is therefore beneficial to everybody since nearly everybody is using some form of social media.

Many employees drive company vehicles either to and from work or for specific company related tasks. Wrongful death claims can be brought against a driver’s employer if the negligent act of the employee occurred in the scope of employment. For this reason, it is vital in every wrongful death case to have only a wrongful death attorney investigate whether the negligent driver was in the scope of employment.

Employer Liability for Employee Actions

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