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shiny-brain-1254880-mTinnitus is a common symptom from a traumatic brain injury following an auto or motorcycle accident.  I have represented clients over the years who have suffered hearing loss or damage resulting from a head injury.  Often times, a deployed airbag can cause an inner ear injury.

Tinnitus is best defined as any sensation of a sound that does not arise from a source external to the person who experiences the sound. Although tinnitus is most often perceived as “a ringing in the ears,” a variety of other sounds, such as buzzing, humming, whistling, clicking, or roaring, may be heard.

Almost everybody, at one time or another, has experienced tinnitus, in t.he absence of any overt disease state. The sensation is generally transient when not associated with a pathological condition. Most of the time, no cause for the tin­nitus can be identified. Like many such comparatively trivial conditions, it is usually ascribed to “a vinis,” and no specific treatment is given. Taking too much aspirin, called salicylism, is the most common cause of temporary tinnitus, when an external agent can even be identified.