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September 11, 2015
Edward Smith

Head_CT_scanRecognizing a post- concussion syndrome (PCS) case is often the most difficult aspect of representing people suffering a closed head injury.

Assessment of such cases requires attorneys and intake staff to understand the basic aspects of the medicine behind such injuries, the sympotomolgy that often accompanies these injuries, as well as to recognize how to develop the damages in the case. One key aspect in evaluation of a PCS case is the understanding that the potential client may not be able to aid in recognizing or developing your understanding of the injury the he or she has sustained. As a result of their injuries, PCS clients are generally unaware that they have sustained a closed head injury nor do they appreciate the impact of the injury upon their lives. In many cases the consequences of such an injury are quite subtle and difficult to detect in casual conversation.

Concussions Common in Motorcycle Accidents

Brain injuries are often classified as mild, moderate or severe .The so called “mild” head injury occurs in approximately 85 percent of the litigated cases .

It is important to recognize that despite colloquial use of the term, there is no such thing as a “mild” head injury. A n y brain injury is major if it interferes with activities of daily living.
Often the terms “concussion” and “minor (or “mild”) head injury” are used interchangeably.  The term post- concussion syndrome is applied as a label for a broad spectrum of symptoms including: headache, dizziness or lightheadedness, instability, tinnitus , deafness, irritability, difficulty controlling emotions, decreased libido, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, impairment of memory, decreased attention span, episodes of depression and uncontrolled rage .

In general, most concussive injuries are rotational or centripetal in nature, meaning that the force is greatest at the surface of the brain, particularly the frontotemporal areas, and less significant deep within the brain.  Interestingly, direct impact with the head is not necessary for concussion to occur .

The boundaries between simple scalp trauma and concussion, as well as those between concussion and contusion of the brain, may be difficult to determine. The presence or absence of a skull fracture is no indication of the severity of the brain damage.

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