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Big Rig Visibility Involved in $11 Million Case

Big rig conspicuity was at the center of more than an $11 million dollar verdict awarded in a California wrongful death lawsuit on January 31. The lawsuit was filed by the widow of a man killed in a traffic accident on May 31, 2013. Jose Antonio Garcia was a passenger in a box truck that collided with a big rig parked in an emergency lane. The truck was owned by Tri-Modal Distribution. I would like to express my condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

What Causes Trucking Accidents?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are over four million commercial trucks on U.S. roadways on any given day. As a major agricultural center and a state with a vast coastline, large trucks are an especially common sight on the roads of California. While it is true that truckers are generally involved in fewer collisions than the drivers of passenger vehicles, crashes that involve big rigs come with a high risk of serious injury or death. Since truck accidents can be dangerous, Californians should know more about what tends to cause these crashes and know how to avoid them to ensure their safety on the road.

Work-Related Safety Standards for Commercial Drivers

Accidents involving trucks, buses, and other large motor vehicles could lead to dozens of serious injuries and fatalities. It is important not to overlook these severe collisions. According to statistics that have been released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA):

Avoiding Fresno Trucking Accidents

If you spend any time driving on California’s highways, you know that large commercial trucks are a common sight. This is because trucking is a vital part of the California economy. According to the Department of Transportation, over 75 percent of communities in California are dependent on large commercial trucks to deliver necessary items and supplies like food, gasoline, medicine, and more. Moreover, California has a massive coastline that boasts many major ports. The state is also one of the nation’s key agricultural regions, producing much of the food that the rest of the country depends on. All of this means that big rigs are common on California roads. Because of this, California drivers should know the ins and outs of driving safely around semi trucks to ensure their safety on the road.

Rancho Murieta Truck Crash

Although it is in a tranquil, rural area, Jackson Road can easily be the site of a Rancho Murieta truck crash. This can result in injuries to the many residents who depend on this stretch of roadway to go to Sacramento. Jackson Road has two lanes with many entrances from nearby farms and ranches. As a two-lane road, it is difficult to pass big trucks frequently found there. Knowing how to share the road with a big rig is important for motorists to stay safe.

Sacramento Bridge Accident Causes Injuries

A December 28 Sacramento bridge accident occurred between a bobtail semi and three other vehicles that resulted in one person being transported to a hospital. The accident occurred on westbound Interstate 80 and the Bryte Bend Bridge that crosses the Sacramento River. The severity of the accident resulted in a SigAlert being issued and multiple tow trucks to remove the vehicles involved in the Sacramento bridge accident. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), because one vehicle was leaking gas and due to the arrival of an ambulance, tow trucks and fire crews, the lanes remained closed for more than an hour.

Tanker Truck Accident in Rancho Cordova

A Rancho Cordova tanker truck accident that caused an injury happened on December 19 shortly before 2:00 in the afternoon involving a truck and a passenger vehicle. It happened along US 50 eastbound, just east of Bidwell Street. According to the report released by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), a woman in a Chevy Cavalier crashed into the back of the tanker truck, which was traveling in the slow lane. It is unknown at this time whether drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash.

Avoiding Paradise Trucking Collisions

Semi trucks that haul goods over long distances are a key part of California’s economy. The California Department of Transportation states that more than three-quarters of communities across the state are reliant on these large vehicles to bring important goods such as gasoline, medical supplies, and food to their citizens. Furthermore, California has a very large coastline with many ports and serves as one of the nation’s most important agricultural areas. All of this means that semi trucks are a very common sight on California roads. Because local drivers are likely to drive near large trucks, it is important to know how to drive safely around semis. This blog contains valuable safety information about sharing the road with commercial trucks.

Truck Accident Injures Woman Near Fresno

A woman was hospitalized following a truck accident near Fresno on December 2, 2018. The incident occurred at approximately 1:30 in the afternoon along Highway 41 in the vicinity of Adams Avenue in Easton, just south of Fresno. A man and his wife, both in their 70s, were traveling in a Toyota pickup truck southbound along the highway when they prepared to stop at a red light at the intersection. A semi-truck was following behind the Toyota and reportedly failed to stop in time to avoid a rear-end collision. Medical personnel responding to the scene transported the woman riding in the Toyota to a local hospital for treatment of serious injuries. An update regarding her condition has not yet been released by officials.

Sacramento Jackknifed Truck Accident

A Sacramento jackknifed truck accident happened along U.S. Route 50 on November 26 that caused one vehicle to crash into it and overturn. It is unknown at this time why the semi jackknifed, however, because of heavy traffic on Route 50, the accident could have involved many vehicles in a chain reaction. Injuries were reported as a result of the collision, but it is unknown at the time of this report whether they were severe. The incident is under investigation by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to determine why the truck jackknifed. An ambulance was called to transport the injured person to a medical facility.