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Personal Injury Case Evaluation
Personal Injury Case Evaluation

Creative and Resourceful Case Evaluation and Investigation May Reveal Third-Party Liability for Workplace Incidents

Claim Stipulation and Award for California Workers’ Compensation Cases

Under California workers’ compensation law, there are a variety of different types of agreements that you can enter into with your employer’s insurance company for coverage of injuries you sustained while on the job. One type of resolution is known as the claim stipulation and award. Before you discuss payment with your employer, however, your workers’ compensation claim needs to be approved. Below is a brief summary of the anatomy of a workers’ compensation claim in California.

Workplace Slip-and-Fall Injuries

Have you ever had a slip-and-fall?  I don’t know about you,  but the first thing “I do” when I tumble is try to do it gracefully.  Next order of business is to thrust my hands out in front of me (or in back of me) and try to protect my face or backside.  Basically, I am trying to break my fall rather than break my nose or tailbone.  Once I make contact with solid ground (ouch), I take a look around hoping no one saw what just went down.  Even if my fall was not seen — it probably was felt and heard.   Thump, bump-bump….expletive!