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Fatal Accidents in the Workplace Increasing

Fatal Accidents in the Workplace Increasing

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento workers’ compensation attorney. Workplace fatalities due to accidents are increasing in the United States. Unfortunately, families are left not only to grieve but to face the financial consequences that the loss of a loved one brings. Let’s look at workplace deaths and the ways a family can recover monetary damages.

The incidence of Workplace Fatalities

Workplace Third Party Lawsuits

Workplace Third Party Lawsuits

I’m Ed Smith, a workers’ compensation lawyer in Sacramento. If you are injured at work in California, you have a means to pay for medical treatment and lost wages known as workers’ compensation insurance. As a condition of receiving such benefits, a worker is unable to sue their employer. That said, what if the injury was due to a third party’s negligence? Can you file a lawsuit against the third party? Can you still collect workers’ comp? Let’s look at workers’ compensation insurance, third-party lawsuits and answer these important questions.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance


Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento workers’ compensation lawyer. Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that covers an employee when they are injured on the job. It is mandatory for employers in the state to carry workers’ comp, and serious penalties ensue if this obligation is not met. It is important for every worker to understand what, workers’ compensation, benefits are available. 

Five Basic Benefits


Dealing With Workers’ Comp Denial

I’m Ed Smith, a workers’ compensation lawyer in Sacramento. Being injured at work is stressful enough. Filing a claim with a myriad of deadlines and complexities adds a whole new layer to that stress. Later, if a claim is denied, a worker suddenly has to worry how he or she will pay the bills on top of everything else. Workers’ compensation denial is based on many things. Let’s take a look at why a denial happens.

Reporting a Denial


Workers’ Compensation: Uninsured Employer

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento workers’ compensation attorney. Some employers illegally fail to carry workers’ compensation insurance. They are hurting themselves and their employees by doing this. Let’s look at what happens when your employer does not have workers’ comp insurance.

California Law


Understanding Workers’ Compensation

I’m Ed Smith, a workers’ compensation lawyer in Sacramento. If you have been hurt in a work-related accident, you may be entitled to California workers’ compensation benefits. There are deadlines to filing for workers’ comp and to appeal denials. Having the assistance of a seasoned attorney can help ensure that you will meet the time limits, collect wages you need and receive medical treatment.

First Things First


Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Comp

I’m Ed Smith, a workers’ compensation lawyer in Sacramento. When you are injured on the job in California, you will most likely receive workers compensation. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about workers’ comp in California.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?


Injured Workers’ Recourse with Uninsured Employers

I’m Ed Smith, a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Sacramento. Employees in California are entitled to certain protections known as workers compensation benefits. Employers are required to purchase this kind of insurance. If you are injured at work and your employer has neglected to purchase workers’ compensation coverage, you may need to recover your losses directly from that entity.

Exclusive Remedy

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7 Workplace Injuries That Occur Most Frequently

I’m Ed Smith, a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Sacramento . Workers should be aware of some of the most common injuries that may occur during the course of their job. Some of the most common workplace injuries appear below.

Injury from Overexertion

File:American, Ghanaian medical professionals partner to treat patients, hone skills 170214-A-IO170-007.jpg

Preventing Nurse Injuries Caused by Lifting Patients

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorney. Contrary to popular perception, nurses have one of the most physically strenuous jobs in the US. A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) brought into light various nurse injuries caused due to overexertion.

Musculoskeletal injuries and back-related problems occur more commonly among nurses. From 2010 to 2011, nurses collectively lost more hours than other professional worker groups because of a musculoskeletal job injury or back ache. The primary cause of these injuries is patient lifting and handling.

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