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Automobile Accidents Are Common Causes of Workplace Fatalities

Statistics published by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) show that in 2016, nearly 5,200 workplace fatalities occurred in the United States. To put this shockingly high figure in perspective, more than 14 workers were killed per day, or nearly 100 workers killed per week on average.

Fatal Accidents in the Workplace Increasing

Fatal Accidents in the Workplace Increasing

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento workers’ compensation attorney. Workplace fatalities due to accidents are increasing in the United States. Unfortunately, families are left not only to grieve but to face the financial consequences that the loss of a loved one brings. Let’s look at workplace deaths and the ways a family can recover monetary damages.


Workers’ Compensation: Uninsured Employer

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento workers’ compensation attorney. Some employers illegally fail to carry workers’ compensation insurance. They are hurting themselves and their employees by doing this. Let’s look at what happens when your employer does not have workers’ comp insurance.

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Preventing Nurse Injuries Caused by Lifting Patients

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorney. Contrary to popular perception, nurses have one of the most physically strenuous jobs in the US. A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) brought into light various nurse injuries caused due to overexertion.

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Risk of Workplace Injuries For Nurses

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorney. Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare industry. These are highly trained professionals providing care to patients suffering from a wide range of medical conditions.

Coordinating Work Injury and Personal Injury Claim
Coordinating Work Injury and Personal Injury Claim

How Coordinating Your Workers’ Compensation Claim and Personal Injury Case Can Benefit You After a Workplace Accident

How Long to File Workers Comp Claim California

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Lawyer. When you are injured on the job in California, your employer is required by state law to cover treatment of your injuries via workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can be completely denied if you do not file a workers’ compensation claim fast enough. As a general rule of thumb, I recommend that my clients notify their supervisors immediately when an accident occurs or when they are hurt in the workplace. Workers’ compensation injuries can involve single accidents, such as a fall, or injuries from repetitive work tasks, like back injuries caused by constant heavy lifting.

Notifying Your Employer Immediately of Your Injuries

When you experience pain, ask your manager how you go about reporting an injury. If you don’t notify your employer within 30 days after your injury occurred, you might lose your right to medical care assistance and payments!

How Long Do You Have to File Your Claim?

In order to receive workers’ compensation benefits, you must file a claim with the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC). Upon learning of your injury, your employer is required by California law to give you a DWC claim form within one day. But once you have that claim form, how long do you have to file it? Continue reading ›

How to Understand California Workers’ Compensation Law

California workers’ compensation law is an incredibly complex and confusing area of law, especially for individuals who are not licensed lawyers with years of experience such as myself. While this short post will provide you with some background on California workers’ compensation claims, it is not a substitute for hiring an attorney to guide you through the claims process and advocate for your just compensation.

compromise and release settlement amounts

How Compromise and Release Can Settle Your California Workers Compensation Case

A workplace injury caused by an unexpected accident can have unfortunate and lasting consequences for your health, finances, and career. In anticipation of and preparation for sudden on-the-job injuries, employers purchase what is known as workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Providers

The effects of job injury can be fairly expensive – doctors’ bills, prescription medication, physical therapy, surgery, and lost wages can add up. Many employers, especially smaller ones, are unable to shoulder the cost of compensating employees for accidents that occur at the worksite.

That is where workers’ compensation insurance kicks in. Like how you make monthly payments to your car insurance company to help you prepare for damages and injuries caused by a car crash, employers pay premiums to workers’ compensation insurance companies. In exchange, the insurance companies handle workers’ compensation claims, including receiving, reviewing, and accepting or denying claims. The employer simply passes off any claims to its insurance provider. In a way, this system is beneficial for injured employees in California because employers should theoretically have little incentive to thwart the claims process when they are not responsible out-of-pocket for reimbursement to the employees. However, because claims go to insurance companies, there is often an impersonal, cold, and calculating approach to claims review that does not take into account how the injury has affected you and your loved ones.

Continue reading ›

Aggravation vs Exacerbation Workers Compensation

How Pre Existing Conditions Affect California Workers’ Compensation Claims

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Workers Compensation Lawyer.  Many employees are fully capable of performing their job functions successfully despite having pre-existing medical conditions. These conditions are often controlled by medication, therapy, or simply avoiding activities that can worsen them.

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