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March 02, 2015
Edward Smith

Cruise Ship

There are over 9 Million People a year who take cruise vacations. Occasionally, however, your vacation in the sun may be interrupted. You can find yourself on the deck after having suffered a serious fall.

Having a fractured hip can have very serious consequences for an elderly person and ships, especially those who cater to an older crowd, should take precautions to prevent accidents.

Although many ships have anti slip surfaces on their decks,  many have not updated

There can also be insufficient lighting or lack of tread on incorrect riser heights on stairways.

A cruise line must act reasonably to inspect and repair their vehicles. Spills in ships are common and there should be procedures in place to inspect the ship for spills and a log should be kept of such inspections.

In most cases where there is a fall because the ship owner did not have proper procedures in place, the cruise ship will nonetheless blame the passenger.

In a lawsuit, you must prove that the cruise ship did something wrong or that they had constructive notice that there was some substance or problem with the floor or deck.

It’s important to keep the shoes you wore in a safe place as they will be examined later by experts. Please try to get names and contact information from witnesses.

If you can get photographs, please do so.

Make note if there was a lack of warning signs.

Cruise ship accidents can be very serious but most attorney’s are not familiar with the complicated procedures they involve.

If you fall and are injured on a cruise ship, please call an experienced cruise ship accident lawyer.

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