Types of Injuries Associated with Falls


The wet and cold weather of winter brings with it slippery walking surfaces and fall hazards.  Thcastere are many types of injuries common to a fall – some are relatively minor but some can be life-threatening or even fatal, especially to an older individual.

For those 65 and older, falls are the most frequent case of nonfatal as well as fatal injuries, and most fractures suffered by older adults are caused by falls.  Falls are also the most common cause of head injuries.  Seniors who have suffered a previous fall may become fearful of activity and lead a more sedentary lifestyle.  The potential for falls as we age carries with it far-ranging consequences.

But even the young and healthy can be sidelined by a fall caused by slippery or uneven conditions.  Some of the more common injuries associated with such a fall include lacerations, abrasions, contusions and ankle fractures.  Perhaps the most common injury associated with a fall is a back strain or sprain.  Often, as the person slips and begins to fall, the body twists in an unnaturally way, either due to the person attempting to catch oneself or being pulled by gravity in an awkward manner.  Such mechanism of injury can lead to inflammation or tears in the spinal tissues, or even more severe injuries, such as a herniated disk.

As any skier or snowboarder can attest to, wrists are also a vulnerable spot, as we naturally put our arms out to catch ourselves when falling.  This can lead to a wrist strain or fracture.  However if you cannot catch yourself in time, or your hands are full or in your pockets, a nasty injury to the face or the head can occur.

So, this winter, be careful on the wet and icy walkways.  If, despite your best caution, you find yourself injured due to a slip-and-fall and are seeking legal counsel, please reach out to experienced Sacramento slip-and-fall lawyer, Edward A Smith.  We can be reached at 916.921.6400.

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