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Worker Hit by Car Interstate 80 Sacramento

Worker Hit by Car Interstate 80 Sacramento

I’m Edward Smith, a car crash lawyer in Sacramento. A car crashed into a concrete barrier and hit a construction worker on Tuesday, February 2, 2016. The crash happened along Interstate 80 in Sacramento. According to California Highway Patrol (CHP) the crash occurred at around 4:30 a.m. in the Across the Top construction zone near El Camino Avenue. We have embedded a Youtube video of the accident below.

Prehospital and Hospital Evaluation of Chest Trauma

Prehospital and Hospital Evaluation of Chest Trauma

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Trucking Accident Lawyer. While still in the field, the most that emergency medical technicians can do is to follow routine Advanced Trauma Life Support, which focuses on airway, breathing, and circulation.  It is critical to take the patient to a high level trauma center as soon as possible, avoiding unnecessary interventions that may only delay definitive treatment.

Cervical spine immobilization should be done and high flow oxygen should be given by mask. The patient should be monitored via cardiac electrodes.  There should be no delay in order to place IV lines or to intubate the patient unless the patient cannot be stabilized with a bag/mask device.

If there is no indication of respiratory difficulty or major injury, no intervention is likely to be necessary.  The EMTs should, however, make note of the condition of the vehicle and steering wheel, whether or not the victim was ejected, significant intrusion into the passenger compartment, and whether or not there were fatalities among the other passengers.  If the patient is hypotensive at the scene, this may indicate significant injury; this information should be passed on to the attending physician prior to arrival to the emergency department. Continue reading ›

Big Rig Load Requirements

While big rigs mostly look pretty uniform, they can carry various items. Each truck has its own unique system for loading and unloading freight, storing it while en route to its final destination, organizing it, and any other special considerations necessary, such as refrigeration. When a business contracts with a truck driving company to have goods delivered, it wants these goods delivered in the same exact condition they were in when they were received by the truck driver initially. Therefore, the trucking industry follows various procedures for securing loads to protect the cargo.

Securing Loads Can Save Lives

However, there is another crucial reason for securing cargo. Improperly secured loads can be dangerous to other drivers on the road. Flatbed trucks with open-air tractors often rely on bungee cords, ropes, cables, and ties to secure loose items, while regular 18-wheelers have enclosed tractor-trailers. However, both types of trucks risk injuring other drivers during an accident or even causing the accident itself.

Improperly secured loads may occur when:

  • Loose cargo is not securely fastened to an open-air truck with adequate ties
  • An 18-wheeler’s doors are not properly shut and locked, allowing loose cargo to fly out of the trailer
  • The truck is overloaded
  • The freight on an open-air truck is not correctly positioned, causing clearance issues for other cars, tunnels, bridges, overpasses, and more.

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Commercial Truck Interior Video Systems
Sacramento Trucking Accident Attorney Discusses Commercial Truck Interior Video Systems:

Ed Smith is a top-rated Sacramento Trucking Accident Attorney. Ed is familiar with the devastating consequences of large commercial trucking accidents. He is painfully aware of the life-changing injuries that result when a truck collides with a car. Victims hit by trucks usually fair far worse than their car versus car counterparts. Sadly, trucking accidents are usually more catastrophic and deadly. The reason for this is due to the sheer size and weight (roughly 10,000 – 80,000 pounds) of the commercial truck. In this article we will explore the benefit of commercial truck interior video systems.

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