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Southbound Highway 5 Evidence Gone

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January 05, 2016
Edward Smith

Southbound Highway 5 Regrinding

Southbound Highway 5 Evidence Gone

While you were sleeping the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) was out regrinding sections of Southbound Highway 5.  This is the area of highway that has seen too many traffic accidents lately. Especially, during wet and rainy weather. One of those accidents included a tragic fatality of an innocent Elk Grove man. This, when a Federal Express truck lost control of his big rig and crashed through the center divider and into oncoming traffic. This accident happened on December 10, 2015.  On December 21, 2015 a similar accident happened. In that incident, no one lost their life. But again, the truck driver lost control of his vehicle along the same stretch of treacherous highway.

Caltrans Regrinding 

We hope for the sake of the injured victim that an experienced accident attorney was able to conduct a thorough and proper investigation of the roadway to help determine fault in this case. If it was a roadway defect that caused this accident — that evidence is now gone. Some would say this regrinding was a “fix” to eradicate any evidence of Caltrans negligence.

Sacramento Roadway Defect Lawyer

It is crucial in accidents such as these that a prompt inspection of the highway be performed by your attorney immediately after the accident. Southbound Highway 5 regrinding, for example, more than likely has removed such evidence.

Preserving Evidence for Accident Victims

An experienced road defect attorney will investigate the scene of your vehicle accident right away. He will usually use experts in highway design, road defects and maintenance. He may also request his accident reconstruction expert to recreate the scene and present the best possible evidence.

Various photographs will be taken right away of the scene. Before, Caltrans has a chance to remove evidence. Time is so important as valuable evidence may be lost, removed or “repaired” as the days progress. A subpoena for records from Caltrans will be issued to help uncover possible design problems or failure to maintain the highway in a acceptable and safe condition.

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