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Big Rig Driver Forgiven
Family of Man Killed in Truck Accident Forgives Big Rig Driver 

A family from Santa Cruz who tragically lost their son in a big rig crash last year has decided to forgive the at fault driver.  On Friday, December 11, 2015 family members of the man killed asked a judge not to sentence the truck driver to a jail term.  The family of Daniel McGuire love and miss him very much. Daniel died in July of 2014, in a tragic big rig accident, while driving on Highway 17 in Santa Cruz. The big rig driver involved in the crash that ended Daniel’s life said that his brakes had failed as he was driving down a hill. The big rig hit other cars and trucks during the accident. The big rig eventually jack-knifed and crashed through a guard rail.

Rancho Cordova Arsonist Alert

Northern California Fires

The Butte and Valley Wildfires have been catastrophic.  The images we have seen playing out on television recently are overwhelmingly heart-wrenching.  The destruction the fire has left in its path is of epic proportion.

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