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Articles Tagged with personal injury attorney is a common symptom from a traumatic brain injury following an auto or motorcycle accident.  I have represented many clients over the years who have suffered depression resulting from a head injury.  Sadly, this condition can have a devastating effect on one’s life.

Symptoms of Depression

Ulnar fractures frequently occur in motorcycle crashes.

The ulna is a thin bone located on the little finger side of the forearm. It acts as a bone that helps supination and pronation (twisting) of the forearm. Technically, a fracture can occur at any point along the bone but it is mostly fractured along with the radius after a fall on the outstretched hand. It can also be fractures along its length when it is struck by an object directly.

Elbow fractures are common in motorcycle accidents. Elbow fractures are divided into two types:

• Extra-articular, in which the fracture lines don’t enter the joint

Did you know that as of September 16, 2014, California motorist have been required to “give bikes three feet” when passing in the same direction of travel as the bicyclist?   Three feet of clearance has been recommended by the California DMV in its’ driver handbook for several years, but this new law makes it official.

With summer upon us, more bicycles are out on the area road, and it is a good time to familiarize oneself with this fairly new law.  The three feet distance extends to any part of the bicycle, the bicyclist and any part of the motorist’s vehicle.  Prior to the passage of this law, the California law was that motorists were to pass at a less specific “safe distance”.

Many employees drive company vehicles either to and from work or for specific company related tasks. Wrongful death claims can be brought against a driver’s employer if the negligent act of the employee occurred in the scope of employment. For this reason, it is vital in every wrongful death case to have only a wrongful death attorney investigate whether the negligent driver was in the scope of employment.

Employer Liability for Employee Actions

A common news event that occurs more and more frequently is the occurrence of injury and maiming at sporting events and music concerts. Trampling deaths are also more frequent than before. We are not talking about injury from the occasional baseball that may randomly strikes someone but rather those injuries and deaths that occur as a result of negligence.

In 2014, this was bought to the forefront as the media covered multiple deaths, injuries and overdoses that occurred at the Miami, Florida Ultra Fest Concert. Un-ticketed concert goers stormed the flimsy portable fencing that had been put up around the venue for crowd control. The fence fell on a security guard resulting in severe brain hemorrhaging. The security guard was in critical condition for several days. The security guard also sustained severe maiming to one of her legs.

High deck buses are automatically at a greater risk of serious injuries to passengers because they have a high center of gravity and can tip over when making turns or curves at elevated speeds. These vehicles have a greater chance of causing serious and often fatal accidents. It is too easy for the drivers of high-deck buses to lose control of these vehicles.

trucks.freewayThese are often caused by drivers who are fatigued from driving long distances. There are other risk factors to having a serious high-deck bus accident. These factors include drivers and passengers not wearing a seat belt. There can be drunk driving, reckless driving with the majority of accidents occurring between 12 am and dawn. Exchange ramps on freeways are particularly dangerous because of the curve involved and the speeds involved.

Although the dangers of exposure to asbestos fibers has now been well-known for many years, the several different diseases that may result may not be. In addition to malignant mesothelioma — a cancer that appears in the mesothelial tissues lining the lungs, peritoneum, pericardium, and chest cavity — other cancers of the lungs, kidneys, and gastrointestinal tract have also been connected to asbestos. Asbestos fiber inhalation is also the direct cause of asbestosis, a condition in which the lung tissues become increasingly scarred, seriously reducing lung function.

Malignant mesothelioma is a very devastating diagnosis — most people diagnosed with this cancer die within 12 months of receiving their diagnosis. This is not to say victims of this disease should be without hope. For example, famous scientist Stephen Jay Gould lived for more than 20 years after his mesothelioma diagnosis, eventually succumbing to an unrelated condition. While certainly grim, malignant mesothelioma diagnoses are still relatively rare.

I’ve been a Sacramento Wrongful Death attorney  since 1982. Since I handle only personal injury cases, I’ve had occasion to see many families who have been suddenly confronted with the sudden death of a parent, a spouse, a child, a partner, a friend.

I  see the deep pain and grief of my clients, but there’s no way that I, an outsider, can really experience it,

One of the joys of motorcycle riding is the feeling of having little to nothing between the rider and the open road. It is a freeing feeling, good for the human psyche. Unfortunately, the reality of there being nothing between the rider and the open road,  in a literal sense, can be the very thing that causes great physical pain and suffering during a motorcycle accident.

A study performed in Auckland region of New Zealand from February 1993 to February 1996 was done to estimate the risk of crash when conspicuity measures were put into place. This study included taking into consideration such variables such as the use of color protective clothing.

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