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As a Sacramento personal injury lawyer since 1982, I’ve had many cases where people have been seriously injured in a cat, truck or motorcycle accident which resulted in an amputation. The cost of designing and fitting a prosthesis can be very expensive and to my clients without adequate insurance, these life changing injuries can be emotionally, physically and financially devastating.

I recently ran across a volunteer network that gives me great hope that technology and community will soon relieve much of the financial burden in terms of obtaining a prosthesis.

medical marijuana for relief of chronic painMany alternative remedies for chronic conditions have been explored in recent years, and one that is receiving an increasing amount of attention from traditional medical practitioners is the use of medical marijuana for relief of chronic pain.

A recent study conducted in Australia looked at more than 1500 people who were receiving opioid drugs for relief of chronic pain conditions (not related to cancer). Most were experiencing pain from neck and back injuries, from arthritis or other rheumatological problems, or from severe headaches. Among this group, about 1 in 6 reported also using medical marijuana for relief of chronic pain in addition to their prescribed narcotic medications. As a group, those who reported using cannabis tended to being having more severe pain and were on higher doses of opiods.

castManaging pain after orthopedic surgery is vitally important to successful rehabilitation and recovery.   Proper pain management after surgery allows the patient to begin movement that will result in the most favorable possible outcome.

In some hospital settings, a multifaceted pain management approach is employed.  Factors such as the patient’s medical history and age are considered by the rehabilitation specialist and that information is used to develop a course of individualized pain management care following orthopedic surgery.

A recent  study looked at variations in the motor vehicle injuries and deaths in a car crash by body mass index (BMI) and vehicle type.  This was a retrospective cohort study of people involved in

motor vehicle collisions, using data from the Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network and the National Automotive Sampling System Crashworthiness Data System

Dealing with Grief 

As a Sacramento Wrongful Death attorney, over the past 30 years, I’ve experienced first hand the human toll it takes on families when they lose a loved one. Unexpected and sudden death is a nightmare that seems to endure. You feel your grief will never fade.

Insurance Policy Discriminating Chiropractic Care

As an experienced Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer, I know how important medpay coverage within my clients’ automobile insurance policy. Essentially, Medpay coverage is an option within your auto insurance that pays your medical bills or the medical bills of anyone in your car injured in an auto accident. Medpay pays regardless of who is at fault in an accident, and I believe having a minimum coverage of $10,000 medpay is prudent. Medpay is very reasonable. The most expensive part of any auto insurance policy is always the liability coverage which protects the driver or owner if they are at fault in an accident.

As a holistic personal injury lawyer, I see literally hundreds of people each month suffering from the physical and emotional after-effects of trauma.

Bessel van der Kolk MD, is a psychiatrist who has treated traumatic injuries for decades and is a well known author of several very readable books on PTSD and the effect of severe trauma on the injured person and their families.

Traumatic Brain Injury and Melatonin

It’s been well documented in medical journals that those who suffer brain injury often complain of sleep disturbances. True, loss of sleep after a traumatic brain injury may be due to the associated pain or anxiety following such incidents. However, medical studies clearly indicate that sleep loss after a traumatic brain injury is often due to the brain’s inability to properly produce melatonin after severe trauma.

One of the most frustrating aspects of having been in an auto accident is the occurrence of chronic pain. At first the pain is acute and doctors are quick to prescribe drugs, often opiate analgesics. As the pain becomes chronic, many doctors don’t know when to stop the highly addictive pharmacotherapy and turn to other forms of pain relief. For chronic pain, there are non-medical approaches that work well.

Some patients manage well with TENS units, which are electrical devices that send impulses to the painful area so as to override the impulses being sent up from the painful area. TENS units are especially good for low back pain and extremity pain. They can be turned up or down depending on the level of pain.

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