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Sacramento Pedestrian Fatality
I’m Ed Smith. A Sacramento pedestrian fatality is always a tragedy. As a Sacramento Pedestrian Accident Lawyer for over thirty years, I have handled hundreds of vehicle versus pedestrian cases. Did you know that every 8 minutes a pedestrian is injured in our country? The new year has barely started and unfortunately we are already getting news of vehicle versus pedestrian accidents in Sacramento, California.

Sacramento Pedestrian Fatality

Pedestrian Struck By Car On Power Inn Road

Pedestrian Accident in South Sacramento Fog

Both driver and pedestrian must follow rules of the road.  A driver is usually held to a higher degree of duty than a pedestrian. What happens when fog is a factor in an accident?

Rancho Cordova: Bicyclist and Light Rail Train Collide
CHP Awarded Federal Grant

In late October of this year, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) was awarded a federal grant for improvement of pedestrian and bicyclist safety throughout California. The grant will be used in large part to provide additional education for pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicle drivers.  

Citrus Heights Vehicle Versus Pedestrian Death
Citrus Heights Vehicle Versus Pedestrian Death

On Thursday, August 27, 2015 at approximately 11:05 p.m. a vehicle hit and killed a pedestrian along Auburn Boulevard at about Twin Oaks Avenue.  Shortly thereafter, the man was pronounced dead at the scene by Metro Fire District.  We understand the deceased suffered fatal injuries consistent with being hit by a car.

Elk Grove PD Enforcement Operations
Yesterday I was driving eastbound on Laguna Boulevard in Elk Grove.  As I was approaching the Franklin Boulevard intersection I spotted a very young child on a bike.  He was riding his bicycle through the crosswalk. My first thought was he should be walking his bike through the crosswalk.   As I proceeded past him, I noticed he was crossing against a Don’t Walk sign. It is not always the motorist who is in the wrong in a crosswalk accident.  Bicyclists should obey traffic laws that are designed to keep them safe or risk severe consequences, injuries and even death.

Elk Grove PD Enforcement Operations

or — Why am I Sitting at a Red Light?

traffic signals and timingTraffic signals and timing may be controlled in a variety of different ways depending upon the city or county where you’re driving.  The most familiar setup is a control box located near the intersection where the folks in charge of local roadways can set a program of signal light changes and times for different times of day based upon past traffic volume data.  Many localities, however, are trying to be more quickly reactive to changing traffic conditions by setting up live monitoring and signal control at important intersections.  In Sacramento County, California, for example, the Traffic Operations Center uses more than 100 traffic cameras to monitor live conditions on the county’s roadways in order to directly control traffic signals and timing at most of at those intersections.  In addition to being able to react more accurately to changing traffic volume, this type of system is especially helpful when unexpected conditions occur such as accidents, weather events, fires, or other situations that may suddenly change traffic.

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