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2021 Fall Events in Natomas, CA

Natomas is centrally located in Sacramento County, with easy access to some of the biggest events in Northern California. With Interstate 5 and California Route 99 nearby, it’s convenient for Natomas residents to hop on the freeways within minutes to get to their destination.

Motorcycle Entirely Engulfed in Flames on I-5 Following Motorcycle Crash

A major injury occurred from a motorcycle collision in Natomas on May 27. The crash occurred shortly before 10:00 a.m. along southbound I-5 just north of Airport Boulevard. A passerby called the California Highway Patrol (CHP), saying that the motorcycle was on fire and completely engulfed. 

Sleep Train Arena Alternate Care Facility

What was once the home of the Sacramento Kings, the Sleep Train Arena in Natomas, has been taking overflow COVID-19 patients.  It was outfitted as a local field hospital in April of this year in order to accommodate surges in coronavirus cases.  It recently began seeing patients.

More Enforcement and PSAs

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has begun its yearly Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign, with the goal of reminding drivers to refrain from operating a vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol.  The campaign includes high-visibility enforcement – we can expect to see an increased law enforcement presence on the highways and roads starting December 18th and continuing through New Year’s Day.  The annual campaign was kicked off with a virtual event in light of the pandemic.

The Three-Point Safety Belt

Nils Bohlin was an engineer for Volvo whose innovation saved an untold number of lives.  In 1959, he invented the three-point safety belt. The cross-strap design made the seat belt not only much easier to use but also a great deal safer for the wearer.  The change was met with significant public resistance.  Now, it is hard to imagine that cars were once sold without them.

Safely Secure Your Dog

It is something anyone that regularly drives on Sacramento area roads probably sees on a daily basis – untethered dogs happily hanging their heads out of the car window, often even the driver’s side window. Dogs are our friends and companions, and they like to go places with us, but there are serious safety issues involved with a dog roaming freely about a moving vehicle. In the event of a collision or even hard braking, a dog has the potential to become an airborne projectile. Obviously, this situation can result in significant injury or even death, not only to the dog but also to the human occupants of the vehicle. A small amount of preparation is all that is needed in order to travel safely with your dog.

Remembering Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr is best known as an actress during the 1940s.  She was featured in Acadamy Award-nominated movies such as Sampson & Delilah and Algiers.  But she was much more than a beautiful face and Hollywood talent. In 1941, Lamarr filed for a patent for frequency-hopping wartime technology that paved the way for our modern era GPS, wifi, and Bluetooth devices.  For Women’s History Month, we take a moment to remember Hedy Lamarr.

New Standards in Testing 

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), an agency funded by the insurance industry, has released its annual list of the safest cars: those that get top scores across its numerous safety tests.  In addition to its six standard crashworthiness tests, this was the first year that the list looked at factors such as visibility at night, passenger safety, and protection for pedestrians. This shift in emphasis was partly due to a trend in the past 10 years of increasing pedestrian deaths.

Auto Safety Technology May Save Lives

Research has revealed that the overwhelming number of automobile collisions are caused by human error.  It seems humans could use some help out on the roads.  Newer automobiles employ various types of driver assistance technology in hopes of keeping the vehicle occupants, as well as other motorists, safe. Some of the technologies available in newer vehicles are intended to warn the driver if there is a crash risk.  Other advances are designed to avoid a crash by taking action.  Understanding the different types of auto safety technology is important for vehicle owners and operators.  We will review some of the popular features now available:

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